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A medical inhaler (10) featuring a microelectronic assembly (14), a receptacle (16) for a container (18) of medication. A triggering element (28) electrically coupled to the microelectronic assembly (14), positioned inside the receptacle (16) and activated by pressing the container (18) to release a ...

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A peptide containing the tripeptide recognition sequences RGD or KGD in a cycle and an exocyclic group bearing a positive charge is provided. The compound is provided in therapeutic form for administration to a mammal and exhibits high specificity and potency as a platelet aggregation inhibitor with ...

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A multichip integrated circuit package comprises a substrate (12) having a flat upper surface to which is affixed one or more integrated circuit chips (14) having interconnection pads (22). A polymer encapsulant (18) completely surrounds the integrated circuit chips (14). The encapsulant is provided ...

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cDNAs encoding a class of novel PF4ARs has been identified in human tissue. Provided herein are nucleic acid sequences of three PF4ARs (including the human IL-8 receptor) useful as a diagnostic and in the recombinant preparation of PF4ARs. The PF4ARs are used in the preparation and purification of a ...

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The present invention relates to monoclonal antibodies specific for a cell receptor specific for human stem cell factor (hSCF) as well as pharmaceutical compositions containing such monoclonal antibodies and uses of such monoclonal antibodies.

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A method and apparatus for providing an enhanced capability of detecting and gathering electrical cardiac signals via an array of relatively closely spaced subcutaneous electrodes (located on the body of an implanted device) which may be employed with suitable switching circuits, signal processors, ...

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Helianthinin is an 11S seed storage protein of sunflower embryos. The present invention is directed to the 5' regulatory regions of helianthinin genes. More particularly, the present invention is directed to specific cis-regulatory elements of this regulatory region which direct tissue-specific, tem ...

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This invention is in the field of detergent proteases derived from strains of a new Bacillus sp. More specifically, the invention is directed towards a protease derived from a strain of Bacillus sp. TY 145. Moreover, the invention is directed towards a process for the preparation of the protease, th ...

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There are disclosed complexes and compositions for oral delivery of a substance or substances to the circulation or lym-phatic drainage system of a host. The complexes of the invention comprise a microparticle coupled to at least one carrier, the car-rier being capable of enabling the complex to be ...

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The subject invention relates to cDNA of the circumsporozoite (CS) protein of $i(Plasmodium reichenowi), and to the CS protein expressed by the cDNA. Comparison of the CS proteins of $i(Plasmodium reichenowi) and $i(Plasmodium falciparum) has revealed differences that could be significant in host-pa ...