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Graft having a bifurcation for repairing an aneurysm in the vicinity of an aortic bifurcation in a patient comprising a main tubular body and first and second tubular legs joined to said main body in a bifurcation. The main body and the legs are formed of a flexible surgically implantable material. ...

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This method consists: - in integrating, at the level of the said object, an electronic means capable of permitting the achievement of an action or of a series of actions, stored in signal form in an associated memory (2); - in placing, at the level of the said object, a sequence of information items ...

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Pharmaceutical or dietary compositions comprise a linolenic acid and a calcium source, an iron source and/or vitamin B6 in admixture with a carrier. Compositions are for administration to adolescent girls to prevent the onset of premenstrual syndrome. Other ingredients which may be included in the c ...

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A GPS position measuring system includes at least one mobile station and a base station associated with the mobile station. The mobile station is provided with an antenna (30) for receiving one or more GPS signals from the corresponding GPS satellites, an amplifying and frequency converting circuit ...

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A method of calibrating a flow sensor (9) in a respiratory system (1) having control elements (4, 11) in the respiratory system (1) for the purpose of influencing the respiratory gas flow, is improved with regard to the influence of the composition of the respiratory gas. In order to achieve this ob ...

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Substituted indenyl sulfonyl acetic acids are seful in the treatment of precancerous lesions.

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There are disclosed substituted indoles and dihydroindoles of Formula I which are useful as angiotensin II antagonists. l

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An antenna system for portable electronic apparatus, particularly for the handset of a cordless telephone system, and comprising two antenna, a first (shown) mounted on a flap (2) and comprising a groundplane 5 and active monopole 4 fed by a coaxial feed 6 from electronic circuitry (not shown) in th ...

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The sampling valve is used for sampling blood and the like for an automatic analyzing apparatus. It has a movable element (14) between a pair of fixed elements (10, 12). To prevent frictional sticking, lubricant is provided in a reservoir (27) around the movable element (14) and a recess (15) extend ...

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When hand-portable transceivers are used in the normal operating position on the head, on the one hand radiation penetrates into the head of the user while on the other hand the head screens the radiation from the antenna. In order to overcome these effects, the base point of the effective antenna i ...