Wilson Robert: Disposable electrochemical sensor incorporating reagent. Wilson Robert, October 7, 1992: GB2254436-A (199 worldwide citation)

A disposable reactor (10) is provided for use with a co-operating instrument (20) to form an analytical device. The reactor includes a body of capillary material (14) housed in an enclosure (11, 15) having an opening for application of liquid to the body. At least one reagent (16) is immobilised in ...

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A relational data base system useful for managing a data communications network from a central repository employs a novel nonstandard reference key along with primary and foreign keys to research, address, retrieve and manipulate records of functional and physical entities and attributes of nodes an ...

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Multiple user-operated data-controlled machines (1-3,5) such as coin-operated amusement machines, skill machines, juke boxes or EPOS tills, are connected to a common remote data store (7). Operational data for an individual machine is selectively retrieved from the store (7) on demand. The data stor ...

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A signal transmission system, for example a TDMA system, in which a carrier is divided into a plurality of traffic signal time slots, with optionally, some regularly interspersed control signal time slots. In order to be able to provide flexibility in the symbol rates and/or modulation schemes used ...

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This invention concerns the use of rapamycin alone or in combination with insulin in prophylactically preventing the onset, arresting the development, or retarding the progression of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus in a mammal.

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A base fabric for use in producing a papermakers fabric is proposed which includes superimposed layers (11, 12) of synthetic thermoplastics material in mesh form, the layers being secured together and at least one layer having load bearing yarns (16, 21) therein. Conveniently two of the superimposed ...

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A method and apparatus for addressing faster responding liquid crystal panels (LCDs) so that video rate, high information content LCDs having time constants on the order of 50ms or less, are perceived as having brighter bright states and darker dark states by limiting peak voltage levels across the ...

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Foams are provided comprising innumerable cells dispersed in thermoplastic polymer compositions substantially consisting of polylactic acid or a copolymer of lactic acid and hydroxycarboxylic acid and having degradable characteristics in the natural environment. Containers such as food trays and thr ...

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A device for inhibiting aftercataract being made of a material having a resilient property and having substantially circular shape so as to be internally touched to an equator of a capsular bag along a whole of an outer periphery thereof.

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Disclosed herein is a method for treating autoimmune diseases in mammals by administration of one or more agents selected from the group consisting of autoantigens specific for the autoimmune disease, disease-suppressive fragments and analogs of said autoantigen in aerosol form.