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A game machine displays in a display window a first and a second series of symbols in a column such that the first series of symbols are movingly displayed and thereafter a predetermined number of stationary symbols of the first series are displayed in a display window when the first series stops. I ...

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An apparatus and method for providing protection from emboli and prevention of occlusion in blood vessels entailing the use of a temporarily emplaced, complaint and conformable trap which may be removed when medically necessary and which will not damage the architecture of the blood vessel.

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An infusion management and pumping system having an alarm handling system is disclosed. During operation, the pumping system checks for a variety of alarm conditions and stores any alarms in a ranking according to urgency. The system is operative to alter the mode of pumping operation to correspond ...

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A valve cutter for arterial bypass surgery is provided and includes a blade assembly for cutting the venous valves, a shaft for guiding the blade assembly through the bypass vein, an expansion means for preventing the blade assembly from contacting the walls of the bypass vein and for helping to pro ...

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This invention relates to catalyst systems, and a method for using such system, for the enhanced production of homo and copolymer products of olefin, diolefin and/or acetylenically unsaturated monomers. This invention catalyst system comprises a Group III-A element compound for improving the product ...

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A coated abrasive article comprising a backing bearing on at least one major surface thereof abrasive composites comprising a plurality of abrasive grains dispersed in a binder. The binder serves as a medium for dispersing abrasive grains, and it may also bond the abrasive composites to the backing. ...

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A ligament graft replacement system (10) having an anchor assembly (16) on one end. The anchor assembly (16) includes an insert member (18), a threaded sleeve (22) and a rotatable ring (20) to which the graft (24) is attached. A harvested or synthetic graft (24) used as a replacement for a torn liga ...

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A surgical instrument that includes a rigid outer member within which is disposed a hollow inner member having rigid proximal and distal ends and a region disposed between the rigid proximal and distal ends that is relieved to render such region relatively flexible. The flexible region is integral w ...

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A Dual-Finger Vital Signs Monitor is disclosed. The present invention overcomes problems suffered by previous patient monitors by providing a simultaneous and continuous measurement of three primary vital signs: ECG and heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen saturation. The invention employs a ...

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A flower pot or flower pot cover having a base with an upper end and a lower end, an object opening extending through the upper end of the base. A skirt is connected to the upper end of the base and extends outwardly from the upper end of the base terminating with an outer peripheral surface. The sk ...