Sharpe Colin R, Keur Robert I: Valve assembly for ink jet printer.. Videojet Systems Int, September 30, 1992: EP0506232-A1 (249 worldwide citation)

A valve (5) for a drop on demand ink jet printer employing a lever seal (10) in a housing (20) to control the frequency and quantity of ink delivered to a printing material such as paper.

Oka Masanori, Gen Shokyu, Ikada Yoshito, Okimatsu Hideaki: A prosthesis.. Kyocera, Biomaterial Universe, September 30, 1992: EP0505634-A1 (154 worldwide citation)

A prosthesis used for a damaged bone, an artificial articular cartilage or an artificial intervertebral disc being characterized in that the prosthesis is a composite body comprising polyvinyl alcohol hydrogel and ceramic or metallic porous body. With this prosthesis, PVA hydrogel enhances lubricati ...

Wiedeman Robert A: Wireless telephone/satellite roaming system.. Loral Space Systems, September 30, 1992: EP0506255-A2 (149 worldwide citation)

A wireless telephone system capable of servicing a roaming wireless telephone user includes a satellite communications system consisting of one or more orbiting satellites, each carrying a database of users, destination codes and call codes, within a satellite service area, a satellite control cente ...

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The invention provides an amperometric biosensor for detecting the concentration of an analyte in a fluid sample. The biosensor (1) has a working (4) and a counter electrode (5) fixed to an insulator material (7). A biosensor reagent (11) is placed in a well (9) so that is covers substantially all o ...


Parks Robert A: Biosensor electrode excitation circuit.. Boehringer Mannheim, September 30, 1992: EP0505504-A1 (136 worldwide citation)

A circuit is described for applying a potential to an electrode of a biosensing test cell, which electrode, when properly inserted in a female connector, is contacted by a pair spaced apart contacts. The circuit includes a source of excitation potential and an operational amplifier having one input ...

Lau Lilip, Hartigan William M: Stent delivery system.. Advanced Cardiovascular System, September 30, 1992: EP0505686-A1 (134 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to a stent delivery method and system which generally includes an elongated delivery sheath (10) and a catheter (12) disposed within an inner lumen (11) of the sheath (10) having an expandable member (14) on its distal extremity. An expandable stent (16) is mounted on the e ...

Gammie Keith, Yoneda Robert K, Woo Arthur, Sheldrick Wayne: Independent external security module for a digitally upgradeable television signal decoder.. Scientific Atlanta, September 30, 1992: EP0506435-A2 (116 worldwide citation)

A decoder for descrambling encoded satellite transmissions comprises an internal security module and a replaceable security module. The program signal is scrambled with a key (704) and then the key itself is twice-encrypted (710,715) and multiplexed (732) with the scrambled program signal. The decod ...

Bayne Marvin L, Thomas Kenneth A Jr: Vascular endothelial cell growth factor c subunit.. Merck & Co, September 30, 1992: EP0506477-A1 (87 worldwide citation)

Vascular endothelial cell growth factor C subunit DNA is prepared by polymerase chain reaction techniques. The DNA encodes a protein that may exist as either a heterodimer or homodimer. The protein is a mammalian vascular endothelial cell mitogen and as such is useful for the promotion of vascular d ...

Oshima Mitsuaki Katsura: Signal transmission system.. Matsushita Electric, September 30, 1992: EP0506400-A2 (80 worldwide citation)

At the transmitter side, carrier waves are modulated according to an input signal for producing relevant signal points in a signal space diagram. The input signal is divided into two, first and second, data streams. The signal points are divided into signal point groups to which data of the first da ...