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Absorbent articles having a unique elastic waist feature improving dynamic fit as well as containment characteristics. The elastic waist feature preferably comprises an interconnecting panel zone, a first flexural hinge zone joining the interconnecting panel zone with the containment assembly, an el ...

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A system (10) interfaces a cable televisions decoder (12) to a VCR (14) incorporating a television scheduling system. The cable signal is supplied to the cable decoder (12) on cable (16) and the decoded output of the decoder (12) is supplied to the VCR (14) through cable (18) on a fixed channel. The ...

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A blood vessel coagulation/stanching device for flowing high-frequency current between a pair of forceps with a blood vessel being held between the ends of the forceps to cauterize, coagulate and stanch the blood vessel, the device being characterized in that the blood vessel holding section of the ...

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An implantable collapsible tubular sleeve for implanting inside a live tissue fluid vessel and system, the sleeve ends each including a collapsible circular stent or annular balloon affixed thereto. A pair of linear stiffeners are each attached to opposite sleeve exterior sides, in longitudinal orie ...

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The specification discloses a method for reducing current leakage and enhancing UV stability by using electrochemichromic solutions whose solvents include, either solely or in combination with other solvents, glutaronitrile (GNT).

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A rearview mirror for vehicles especially adapted for exterior vehicle use with electro-optic/electrochromic mirror units includes a reflective mirror element and a surrounding bezel having a raised edge or crown. The raised crown provides an appearance of narrowness and reduced bezel size. The beze ...

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An internal junction organic electroluminescent device is disclosed comprised of, in sequence, an anode, an organic hole injecting and transporting zone, an organic electron injecting and transporting zone, and a cathode. The organic electron injecting and transporting zone is comprised of an electr ...

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A self-contained, reusable, electronic security label device and system wherein a tag device is attached to merchandise for the purpose of security, surveillance, pricing, tracking, accounting and inventory control. The device includes a programmable display for identifying the merchandise and displ ...

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A catheter device and method for heating tissue, the device having a catheter shaft constructed for insertion into a patient's body, and at least one chamber mounted on the catheter shaft. The catheter shaft has at least one lumen for fluid flow through the shaft. The chambers are defined by walls t ...

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In a system including an originating source for providing multiple television programs to one or more local cable television systems for their distribution on a pay-per-view basis, data processing equipment at the originating source stores, for each local cable system, address information, informati ...