Chow Hector, Mills Earl J, Bilotti Federico, Brinkerhoff Ronald J, Madden Martin, Grant Richard L: Surgical staple.. Ethicon, September 23, 1992: EP0505036-A2 (205 worldwide citation)

A new method is shown whereby staples are closed to smaller heights so that virtually total hemostatis is possible. Also, the staple legs in alternate rows in the surgical stapler are made to interlock so that during closure, hemostatis is effected by the interlocking of the staple legs.

Lauerer Friedrich: Protection circuit for electromedical device.. Lauerer Friedrich, September 23, 1992: EP0504835-A2 (129 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a circuit for protecting a patient who, for the purposes of examination or therapy, or during an operation, is connected to electrical apparatus (e.g: EKG, EEG, EMG). The risk of a lethal current surge is greater the nearer a line is situated to the heart (extreme risk: card ...

Altermatt Daniel Dr, Hilpert Hanspeter, Khanna Satish Chandra Dr, Dubach Werner F, Spaltenstein Anton: Inhaler.. Ciba-Geigy, September 23, 1992: EP0505321-A2 (87 worldwide citation)

Ein Inhalator zum Einbringen einer dosierten Menge von Festkörpern, zum Beispiel pharmazeutisch wirksamen Pulvern, in einen von einem Benutzer angesaugten Luftstrom umfasst eine Vorratskammer (4), in die ein Dosierstift (5) hineinragt. Der Dosierstift (5) ist mit einer Dosierkerbe (50) versehen, wel ...

Abe Takao, Nakazato Yasuaki, Uchiyama Atsuo: Semiconductor substrate having a soi structure and method of producing the same.. Shinetsu Handotai, September 23, 1992: EP0504714-A2 (80 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor substrate is formed by bonding wafers together by heat-treatment without causing the substrate to be thermally damaged to have thermal strain, separation, cracks, etc. due to a difference in the thermal expansion coefficients of the wafers. Particularly, a semiconductor substrate hav ...

Kiso Yoshinobu, Hayashi Yasuhiro, Higuchi Naoki, Saitoh Masayuki, Hashimoto Masaki: Prophylactic and therapeutic agent for bone diseases comprising di- or tripeptide derivative as active ingredient.. Suntory, September 23, 1992: EP0504938-A2 (63 worldwide citation)

Use of a compound represented by the following general formula (I): wherein R represents a straight or branched acyl group having 2 to 10 carbon atoms, a branched cyclic or bridged cyclic alkyloxycarbonyl group having 4 to 15 carbon atoms, a substituted or unsubstituted benzyloxycarbonyl group, a 2, ...

Oda Tetsuhiro, Fusegawa Izumi, Yamagishi Hirotoshi, Iwasaki Atsushi, Maeda Akiho, Takeyasu Shinobu, Fujimaki Nobuyoshi, Karasawa Yukio: Method and apparatus for producing silicon single crystal.. Shinetsu Handotai, September 23, 1992: EP0504837-A2 (56 worldwide citation)

A method of producing a Czochralski-grown silicon single crystal stably and efficiently with high production yield, which comprises the steps of setting pulling conditions such that at least a portion of a growing silicon single crystal (28) having a temperature in excess of 1150 DEG C is spaced upw ...

Tanizawa Tetsu Fujitsu Limited: Semiconductor device having many lead pins.. Fujitsu, September 23, 1992: EP0504411-A1 (52 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device with a high package lead density such as the PGA type, allowing the density of the semiconductor device to increase by forming the leads of the semiconductor device with lead pins (14) for surface mounting arranged by the specified quantity at the outer peripheral area on the ...

Okamoto Takuji Idemitsu Kosan, Matsumoto Junichi Idemitsu Kos, Watanabe Masami Idemitsu Kosan, Maezawa Kouji Idemitsu Kosan C: Process for producing cycloolefin polymer, cycloolefin copolymer, and composition and molding prepared therefrom.. Idemitsu Kosan Co, September 23, 1992: EP0504418-A1 (50 worldwide citation)

An efficient process for producing cycloolefin polymer and cycloolefin/ alpha -olefin copolymer without causing any ring opening of the cycloolefin; novel cycloolefin/ alpha -olefin copolymer produced thereby; and composition and molding prepared from said copolymer. The production process comprises ...

Contente Audrey: Feminine hygiene device.. Ultrafem, September 23, 1992: EP0504301-A1 (43 worldwide citation)

A vaginal discharge collector (10) including a body (14) for providing a space (19) for the collection of vaginal discharge and having an opening for the passage of vaginal discharge into the collection space, and a rim (11) for providing holding force sufficient for holding the collector in positio ...

Bodin Stig Roland, Norefors Sven Arne Emanuel: Load sharing control for a mobile cellular radio system.. Ericsson Telefon L M, September 23, 1992: EP0505341-A2 (38 worldwide citation)

In a mobile cellular radio system, load balancing is achieved by moving dynamically the borders between any two cells such that an overloaded cell becomes smaller and the neighboring cell larger. This is achieved by lowering the entering signal strength threshold for handoff to the neighboring cell ...