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A method of treating a wound site wherein a porous, adhesive backed dressing is utilized. A vacuum and/or heat is applied to the wound site through the dressing so as to draw the tissue adjacent the wound site to the dressing so as to minimize trauma to the wound and increase the adherence of the ad ...

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An improved methodology and apparatus for the treatment of sleep apnea through application of alternating high and low level positive airway pressure within the airway of the patient with the high and low airway pressure being coordinated with the spontaneous respiration of the patient.

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A new dynamic shock-resistant flexible sealing hinge connector comprising members associated with adjacent door panels and an elongated, shock-absorbing elastomeric connector member engaging the rigid members such that the elastomeric connector member dynamically seals and rotatably joins the door p ...

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A suturing needle assembly used in a surgical operation to correct anatomical stress urinary incontinence, the suturing needle assembly having a needle and a sheath. The needle has an elongated flexible portion and a rigid portion which defines a tip for piercing tissue and an eyelet for removably a ...

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Gas, gaseous precursors and prefluorocarbons are presented as novel potentiators for ultrasonic hyperthermia. The gas, gaseous precursors and perfluorocarbons which may be administered into the vasculature, interstitially or into any body cavity are designed to accumulate in cancerous and diseased t ...

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A misuse-resistive dosage form for the transdermal delivery of opioid comprises, in combination, 1) one or more opioid permeable to the skin, 2) delivery means permeable to said opioid, 3) one or more antagonist for said opioid releasable upon ingestion or solvent immersion, and 4) impermeable barri ...

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A method of site-directed alteration (removal or removal followed by replacement) of selected nucleotides in an RNA molecule, as well as to mixed phosphate backbone oligonucleotides useful in the method. It further relates to a method of producing polypeptides or proteins encoded by the RNA molecule ...

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One aspect of the present invention relates to an absorbent structure and garment comprising a superabsorbent material having a free-swell rate of less than about 60 seconds and a five-minute AUL of at least 15 g/g. The superabsorbent material is contained by containment means, such as a fibrous mat ...

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This invention features vectors and a method for sequencing DNA. The method includes the steps of:

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Catalyst composition comprising an alloy of at least one noble metal of group VIII of the Periodic Table and at least one metal capable of alloying with the group VIII noble metal, admixed with a component comprising at least one of the metals rhenium, tungsten or molybdenum, used for producing an a ...