Harper Brian: Pipe couplings. Victaulic, September 9, 1992: GB2253452-A (20 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a pipe coupling 1 comprising an annular sleeve 2 arranged in use at a free end thereof to overlie an end of a plain ended pipe 6, 7 to be connected by the coupling 1; an annular elastomeric sealing gasket 22 disposed within and adjacent the free end of the sleeve member 3, 4 a ...

Yamaguchi Kotaro, Nishimoto Tsugio, Ebihara Yoshitaka, Matsunami Hidenobu, Fujita Shohei, Kakurai Aki: Chocolate and chocolate-utilizing food.. Fuji Oil, September 9, 1992: EP0502697-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

A chocolate containing as its oil ingredients 10-85 wt% of di-saturated mono-unsaturated glycerides (S2U) and 15-90 wt% of di-unsaturated mono-saturated glycerides (SU2) plus tri-unsaturated glycerides (U3), at least 35 wt% of the di-saturated mono-unsaturated glycerides (S2U) includes 35 wt% being ...

Lamy Marc, Caspar Jean Philippe: Spectacle frames of synthetic resin and method of manufacture.. Lamy, September 9, 1992: EP0502796-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

Spectacle frame element (50) made of fibre-reinforced synthetic resin comprising only a single peripheral tubular braid (10) woven from yarns (12) composed of a plurality of long parallel carbon monofilaments modelled on taffeta with an angle lying between 15 and 45 degrees with respect to the longi ...

Hindmarsch Eric, Turner John Arthur, Ure Alan Macpherson: Process for the production of terephthalic acid.. Ici, September 9, 1992: EP0502628-A2 (19 worldwide citation)

A terephthalic acid slurry in acetic acid is produced by oxidising p-xylene in acetic acid, removing water by evaporation of a stream of water and acetic acid, and returning acetic acid to the oxidation step. The terephthalic acid is separated from the reaction medium in a first zone to leave a depo ...

Anghileri Gianmario: Paper backing-pan for cooking cakes and process for producing same.. Novacart, September 9, 1992: EP0502286-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

A paper baking-pan for cooking cakes has a pleated containing portion (3) provided with an upper rim (7) folded to the outside and defining a loop (12a) within which a string (12) pulled along the whole perimetrical extension of the upper rim is housed. According to the process for producing the bak ...

Garland Robert Bruce, Miyano Masateru, Zablocki Jeffery Alan: Phenyl amidines derivatives useful as platelet aggregation inhibitors.. Searle & Co, September 9, 1992: EP0502536-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to phenyl amidines derivatives having the following formula or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt which are useful in the inhibition of platelet aggregation. This invention also relates to pharmaceutical compositions of such phenyl amidines derivatives.

Duvick Jonathan, Rood Tracy: Natural and synthetic proteins with inhibitory activity towards pathogenic microorganisms.. Pioneer Hi Bred Int, September 9, 1992: EP0502718-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

A selected group of proteins has been found to have antimicrobial properties. In a preferred embodiment, plant resistance to diseases caused by plant pathogens which are susceptible to these proteins is produced by inserting into the cells of a plant a gene whose expression causes production a selec ...

Sevault Bernard, Blais Jean Rene: Steering column tube and frame for automotive vehicle.. Nacam, September 9, 1992: EP0502761-A1 (18 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a steering column tube-body (1) for a motor vehicle, which is made from a single metal sheet, in which there are arranged two front fastening lugs (5) with the two rear fastening lugs (6) and a tube (4) made from a blank cutout (19) of this metal sheet. The elements ...

Allen Gary Robert, Davenport John Martin, Allison Joseph Michael, Hansler Richard Lowell, King Kenneth Steven: Discharge lamp and method of operation.. Gen Electric, September 9, 1992: EP0502273-A2 (18 worldwide citation)

Miniature high pressure arc lamps containing a substantial pressure of xenon, in addition to metal halide and mercury, can provide instant light at turn-on and are suitable for automotive headlamps. The xenon aggravates convection which causes arc-bowing and overheating of the envelope above the arc ...

Ward Ian Macmillan, Hine Peter John, Norris Keith: Polymeric materials. British Tech Group, September 9, 1992: GB2253420-A (17 worldwide citation)

Polymeric monoliths having high stiffness and strength can be produced by heating an assembly of polymer fibres under a contact pressure to a temperature at which a proportion of the fibre is selectively melted and then compressing the assembly at a higher pressure. Preferably at least 5% of the pol ...