Kruschandl Nelson James: Comprehensive electric motor road vehicle system. Kruschandl Nelson James, September 9, 1992: GB2253379-A (29 worldwide citation)

The system includes a quick release battery loading/unloading mechanism using standardised battery-power-pack(s) coupled with an in-vehicle energy management instrument and information exchange system capable of transferring the customer's requirements, identity and energy used to a service station ...

Asakawa Teruo, Osawa Tetsuo, Hosaka Noboru: Processing system.. Tokyo Electron, September 9, 1992: EP0502412-A1 (28 worldwide citation)

Load lock chambers (10, 11, 16, 17) having a function of detecting positional deviation of wafers are provided in a process chamber of an ion injection apparatus, two on a carrying-in side, and two on a carrying-out side. One load lock chamber on the carrying-in side and one on the carrying-out side ...

Yoshinaga Masanobu: Cyclodextrin polymer and cyclodextrin film formed therefrom.. Toppan Printing, September 9, 1992: EP0502194-A1 (28 worldwide citation)

A cyclodextrin polymer comprising cyclodextrin contained in the main chain of a polymer selected among polyurethane, polyurea, unsaturated polyester, polyester, polycarbonate, polyamide and polysulfone; and a cyclodextrin film formed from the polymer. The polymer contains an increased amount of cycl ...

Van Heugten Anthony Y, Cannon Julian E: Use of surfactants to improve intravenous catheter flashback.. Critikon, September 9, 1992: EP0502714-A1 (26 worldwide citation)

A catheter device with a hollow introducer needle (12) and a catheter (10) which fits over the needle. The needle is coated to reduce surface tension within the interior of the needle. The surface tension reducer is generallly a surfactant, and in some instances a pluronic polyol.

Garver Lawrence E, Kimbrough Gregory L: System, method and apparatus for hot fill pet container.. Sipa, September 9, 1992: EP0502391-A2 (26 worldwide citation)

An improved PET process, system and container is disclosed which uses on improved single stage process to produce a thermally stable container. The single stage process arrests the cooling of the preform at elevated temperatures followed by equilibriation to a set temperature in a conditioning stati ...

Van Uijen Cornelis Marinus Joh, Boersma Yvonne Astrid, Coombs James Howard: Information reading system and record carrier and reading device for use in such a system.. Philips, September 9, 1992: EP0502582-A1 (25 worldwide citation)

The disclosed information reading system comprises a record carrier (1) having at least two parallel tracks (2a, 2b) whose mutual distance is so small that the radiation beam (10) is modulated by the information patterns of the two tracks (2a, 2b) when the tracks are scanned by a focused radiation b ...

Tournier Herve, Hyacinthe Roland, Cavagna Friedrich: Compositions for increasing the image contrast in diagnostic investigations of the digestive tract of patients.. Sint, September 9, 1992: EP0502814-A2 (25 worldwide citation)

Suspensions of either echogenic or magnetic particles in aqueous bioadhesive carriers effectively improve imaging by echography, respectively NMRI, of the digestive tract. Affinity of the compositions for the gastric mucosa can be adapted to the needs by appropriately selecting the carrier in functi ...

Onda Katsumasa: Video signal motion detection method and noise reducer using said method.. Matsushita Electric, September 9, 1992: EP0502615-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

This specification discloses a motion detection method for detecting with high accuracy only true motion from an input video signal (101) of a moving image with reduced effects of noise and flicker, and also discloses a noise reducer for reducing noise with little after image by using the above-ment ...


Coates Bradley James, Whiteside Leo Allen: Shaping and trial reduction guide for implantation of femoral prosthesis.. Dow Corning Wright, September 9, 1992: EP0502737-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

According to the invention, there is provided a trial implant (10) comprising a modular bracket (12) defining a structure having an internal surface adapted to be seated on the distal aspect (14) of a resected femur bone (16) and an external surface with a shape resembling the normal distal condyle ...