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Der bereitgestellte Knochendübel, der in eine Bohrung in einem Knochen eingesetzt wird, dient zur Fixierung eines Fadens, mit dessen Hilfe Gewebe an dem Knochen befestigt werden kann. Dieser Knochendübel besteht aus zwei Teilen, nämlich einem in etwa zylindrischen Dübelkörper 2 und einem Spreizkonus ...

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An interference bone fixation screw fabricated from bioabsorbable material includes a body having a proximal end, a distal end and a screw thread disposed therealong from the proximal end to the distal end. A drive recess is formed in the body to extend longitudinally from the proximal end toward th ...

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An analyzer for performing automated assay testing. The analyzer includes a storage and conveyor system for conveying cuvettes to an incubation or processing conveyor, a storage and selection system for test sample containers, a storage and selection system for reagent containers, sample and reagent ...

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Sustained release compositions comprising cores including a pharmacologically active ingredient and having a diameter not greater than 5 mm, which cores are coated with a mixture comprising a) as a film forming agent at least one poly (ethyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, trimethylammonioethyl metha ...

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A computerized system for viewing of internal anatomical regions of a patient based on previously acquired image data of the patient. The anatomical regions are viewed in direct relationship to amoving probe which can be hand-held. The location of the probe relative to the patient is reported to com ...

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The invention concerns recombinant antibodies directed to the extracellular domain of the human growth factor receptor c-erbB-2 comprising a light chain variable domain and a heavy chain variable domain of a monoclonal antibody, monoclonal antibodies directed to c-erbB-2 themselves, a method of manu ...

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An electrosurgical instrument for use in combination with an endoscope for cutting tissue and cauterizing/coagulating the resulting wound area is described. The instrument comprises an elongated flexible tubular member having a proximal end, a distal end, and plural lumens extending therebetween. Af ...

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The invention relates to benzimidazoles of the general formula in which R1 to R4 are as defined in Claim 1, mixtures of the 1 and 3 isomers thereof, and the salts thereof, which have valuable properties. The compounds are, in particular, angiotensin antagonists.

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The present invention provides a recombinant plasmid comprising combining a hybrid plasmid vector with the isolated DNA sequences of one or more genes encoding nitrile degrading enzymes which are derived from bacteria belonging to the genus Rhodococcus, said hybrid plasmid vector comprising an isola ...

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An insulated gate field effect semiconductor device comprising a substrate having provided thereon a thin-film structured insulated gate field effect semiconductor device, said device being characterized by that it comprises a metal gate electrode and at least the side thereof is coated with an oxid ...