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A process for polymerizing alpha -olefin by using a catalytic system prepared by bringing a reaction product of a halogenated metallocene compound with an organometallic compound into contact with a compound which forms a stable anion when reacted with the reaction product. A polyolefin can be obtai ...

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A knee prosthesis comprises (i) a femoral component 21 having a medial condyle (25 Fig. 5) and a lateral condyle 30 and (ii) a tibial component 22. The rolling surface of the medial condyle is part-spherical and the tibial component has a complementary part-spherical depression 23 in its upper surfa ...

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Rubber composition capable of being vulcanised with sulphur, obtained by thermomechanical working of a copolymer of a conjugated diene and of an aromatic vinyl compound, prepared by solution polymerisation in a hydrocarbon solvent, which has an overall content of aromatic vinyl compound of between 5 ...

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A diaper includes an absorbent body 3 and a water impermeable outermost layer 2 to which the absorbent body is fastened and which holds the absorbent body against the body of the user. The absorbent body comprises a liquid impermeable outer sheet (16, Fig. 3), a liquid permeable inner sheet (15) and ...

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A gaming or amusement machine comprises a display screen (3) capable of showing images of symbols and a movable pseudo reel (4) having mechanical frame means (9, 10) defining a series of windows which are registerable with the symbols displayed on the screen. The images of symbols formed on the scre ...

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A system is disclosed for providing an automatic interface between a host based, menu driven application program and a telephone network. The system includes a host access table stored in a memory in the workstation, containing operational commands. An interface program stored in the workstation mem ...

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The supply of the clock signal to the processor in a multi-tasking system is controlled by a program (CCP) that runs in the lowest priority under the operating system (OS), so that applications (A,B,) are not affected when clock signals are stopped or slowed to reduce power dissipation.

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A capsule (2) containing an inhalant medicament is so formed as to be readily fracturable to release the medicament into the air stream of an inhaler device. Preferably the capsule has areas of reduced cross section, but may be merely formed from readily crushable or fracturable material. The inhale ...

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A video signal encoding system includes apparatus for segmenting encoded video data into transport blocks for signal transmission. The transport block format enhances signal recovery at the receiver by virtue of providing header data from which a receiver can determine re-entry points into the data ...

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A gaming or amusement machine has a display means comprising one or more reels (7) which are movable relative to a display location to bring a region (16') of each reel (7) into register with the display location. Bodies with multiple facets (16) having a plurality of symbols are carried by each ree ...