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Polymer particles having a small particle diameter and a narrow particle diameter distribution are obtained by a continuous polymerization method which does not accompany an increase of cohering products attaching to an inner face of a reaction vessel and an air-bubble invasion and, in which stirrin ...

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An apparatus for measuring a transmission velocity of a pulse wave includes a sensor 1 for sensing heart sounds, and pulse wave signals at the upstream and downstream side of a blood flow, an analog to digital conversion unit 2, a data processing unit 3, and a display unit 4. The data processing uni ...

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The present invention relates to a lanthanum, cerium and terbium (LaCeTb) phosphate and to a process for its preparation. The LaCeTb phosphates of the invention have a very low cerium IV and/or terbium IV content even after calcination in air at a temperature of above 500 DEG C. These LaCeTb phospha ...

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A belt-type continuously variable transmission for use with a motor vehicle engine has a hydraulic actuator for effecting at least one of speed ratio control and clutch control. The belt-type continuously variable transmission is controlled by a control system including a solenoid-operated control v ...

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The present invention relates to an acetabular (cotyloid) cup, of generally hemispherical shape, having, cut out from its wall, tongues which can spread out radially (4) and which are connected to the top (2) of the cup, substantially along one parallel (P) of the latter, and which carry, on their o ...

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Sulfonic acid stilbenes block the infection of cells by HSV, HIV and CMV and these compounds can be used to prevent viral infection.

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This invention relates to silicon-containing polyurethane thickeners having particular utility in paints and coatings comprising the reaction product of an isocyanate functional material, a polyether polyol, a monofunctional, active-hydrogen containing, hydrophobic endcapping material, a silane-func ...

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The inductor assembly includes a generator (3) supplying several inductors, as well as: - a switching unit (5) capable of ensuring the selective supply to one or more of the inductors (I1, I2, I3), - a circuit including processing means (7) connected to the inductors (I1, I2, I3) so as to receive, c ...

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The invention relates to a composition for washing keratinous materials, especially the hair and/or the skin, comprising, in an aqueous medium, at least one hydrocarbon oil, at least one surfactant possessing detergent properties and at least one alcohol having 27 to 44 carbon atoms and containing o ...

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A method for treating leather with a low fogging, substantive, retan fatliquor containing a dispersion of a selected amphiphilic copolymer , substantially free from organic solvents, formed from a predominant amount of at least one hydrophobic monomer and a minor amount of at least one copolymerizab ...