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A magneto-optical recording medium has at least a reproducing layer and a recording layer which are magnetically coupled with each other. The reproducing layer permits recorded signals to be read out according to its change in state of magnetization. The reproducing layer has a thickness in a range ...

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The root section comprises a proximal neck portion 18 having parallel-sided walls, an apex 28 of hemi-spherical or truncated conical form, and an intermediate portion 20 having a plurality of recesses 30 of predetermined form. The intermediate portion may be of tapered form and may include one or mo ...

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A system for playing a video spot-the-ball type game comprises at least one video monitor; video generator means for generating multi-frame video signals carrying, in use, sequential images from an event; game play signal generating means for generating a first set of game play signals which represe ...

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A cellular telephone system (7) and a microzone system (8) are provided so that a mobile terminal (6) may access either of the systems. The cellular telephone system has a telephone switching office (2) connected to a public service telephone network (1) and base stations (3) connected to the teleph ...

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Aminoglycosides, analogs and derivatives thereof, in the form of phosphate salts as well as the process for making and utilizing same. Aminoglycoside liposomes and guanidino aminoglycoside liposomes, their preparation and use, are particularly described.

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An exhaust gas purification system for an internal combustion engine includes an engine (2) capable of fuel combustion at lean air-fuel ratios, a catalyst (6) constructed of zeolite carrying at least one metal selected from the transition metals and noble metals to reduce NOx under oxidizing gas con ...

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Method and device for placing chips into receptacles made in a substrate in particular of the hybrid type, characterised in that it consists in fitting into a receptacle (2) of the substrate (3), a glueing head (7) sized in such a way that a space remains between it and the wall of the receptacle, i ...

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A solid phytoactive composition comprising: a) N-phosphonomethylglycine in the form of a salt or the free acid; b) an alkyl glycoside or alkyl polyglycoside; and c) an agriculturally acceptable inorganic ammonium salt, preferably ammonium sulfate. i

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A compound of formula (I), or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof: wherein X is CO and Y is NH or O; R3 is hydrogen, C1-6 alkyl, C3-7 alkenyl-methyl, phenyl or phenyl C1-4 alkyl either of which phenyl moieties may be substituted by one or two of halogen, CF3, C1-6 alkoxy or C1-6 alkyl; R1 is ...

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Treatment of hypertension or congestive heart failure with a combination of an angiotensin II antagonist or a renin inhibitor with a neutral endopeptidase inhibitor, pharmaceutical compositions comprising said combinations and kits for administering separate pharmaceutical compositions in combinatio ...