Bauerfeind Peter, Bauerfeind Herbert: Device for inserting tubular optical fibre instruments, especially colonoscopes.. Bauerfeind Peter, August 12, 1992: EP0497781-A1 (42 worldwide citation)

The insertion device has a flexible insertion section (14) which can be introduced into an object to be examined, especially a human colon, having an intermediate space (20) sealable against the outside between an inner (16) and outer wall (18). The outer wall (18) consists of a flexible pipe which ...

Matsumi Chiyoko, Nakamura Takahiro, Yamaguchi Susumu, Ohtaka Hideki, Hoshiai Ryouichi, Nishino Masakazu: Digital signal transmitting method.. Matsushita Electric, August 12, 1992: EP0498617-A2 (40 worldwide citation)

In a digital signal recording and reproducing apparatus, a signal obtained by multiplexing an audio signal on a bit rate reduction encoded video signal is delivered as a transmission signal. The transmission signal is multiplexed with a data showing its content, such as a copy number of times data a ...

Movchan Boris Alexeevich, Malashenko Igor Sergeevich, Grechanjuk Nikolai Ivanovich, Yakovchuk Konstantin Juvenalie, Domoroslov Sergei Viktorovich: Metal/ceramic protective coating for superalloy articles. Inst Elektroswarki Patona, August 12, 1992: GB2252567-A (40 worldwide citation)

A metal/ceramic protective coating as illustrated in Fig 1 for superalloy articles comprises an outer ceramic layer (1) comprising metal oxides; an oxidation-resistant layer (2) comprising an M-Cr-Al-Y alloy, where M comprises Ni, Co, Fe, or a combination thereof, with an Al content in the oxidation ...

Clemence Francois, Fortin Michel, Haesslein Jean Luc: Nitrogen containing bicycle compounds, method for their preparation, their use as pharmaceutical and compositions containing them.. Roussel Uclaf, August 12, 1992: EP0498723-A1 (37 worldwide citation)

The subject of the invention is the products of formula (IB): in which: R2B and R3B, which are identical or different, represent hydrogen; halogen; hydroxyl; mercapto; cyano; nitro; sulpho; formyl; benzoyl; acyl; carboxy in the free, salt or ester form; cycloalkyl; acyloxy; alkyl; alkenyl; alkynyl; ...

Short Glenn D: Lubricant composition for fluorinated refrigerants.. Cpi Eng Services, August 12, 1992: EP0498152-A1 (36 worldwide citation)

A lubricant composition of suitable viscosity miscible in non-chlorinated, fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerants includes polyhydric alcohol esters, such as TMP, mono and/or di-pentaerythritol esters, made with branched carboxylic acids.

Silverbrook Kia: Integrally formed bubblejet print device.. Canon Information Syst Res, Canon, August 12, 1992: EP0498292-A2 (35 worldwide citation)

A bubblejet print device (100) is disclosed which is integrally formed having arrays (102,103,104,105) of nozzles (110) which form part of a passageway communicating between opposite surfaces of a semiconductor substrate (130). Each nozzle (110) has an integrally formed heater (120) which permits he ...

Van Den Brink Marinus Aart: Method of and device for repetitively imaging a mask pattern on a substrate.. Asm Lithography, August 12, 1992: EP0498499-A1 (32 worldwide citation)

A method is described for repetitively imaging a mask pattern, on separate fields of a substrate (W), for example, for IC manufacture, which substrate fields are positioned without any field-by-field alignment so that the speed of throughput of substrates can be increased. An accurate interferometer ...

Sato Taizo, Fujihara Atsushi: Cache memory processing instruction data and data processor including the same.. Fujitsu, August 12, 1992: EP0498654-A2 (31 worldwide citation)

A cache memory (10) for processing at least one variable length instruction taken from a memory (30) and feeding the processed information to a control unit (20), and a data processor including the cache memory. The cache memory includes a unit (11) for decoding an instruction length of the variable ...

Walker Peter Stanley: Prosthesis for knee replacement.. Walker Peter S, August 12, 1992: EP0498586-A1 (29 worldwide citation)

A knee prosthesis includes a femoral component in which the condyles have a continuous contact surfaces for the tibial bearing surface and in which the sagittal radius is constant from posterior to a point more anterior than the distalmost point. The tibial bearing surface (72) is shaped to have a c ...

Foncerrada Luis, Sick August J, Payne Jewel M: Novel coleopteran-active bacillus thuringiensis isolate and a novel gene encoding a coleopteran-active toxin.. Mycogen, August 12, 1992: EP0498537-A2 (29 worldwide citation)

The subject invention concerns a novel microbe and gene encoding a novel toxin protein with activity against insect pests of the order Coleoptera. Pests in the order Coleoptera do heavy damage to crops, e.g., corn. The novel Bacillus thuringiensis microbe of the invention is referred to as B.t. PS50 ...