John R Corbin: Apparatus and method for licensing software on a network of computers. Sun Microsystems, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, August 11, 1992: US05138712 (633 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides to the software application the verification and license check out functions which are normally performed by a license server of a network software license system. The encrypted license information is contained in a license token, and is sorted in the database controll ...

Rudolph H Nobis, Ronald R VanOverloop, Michael D Cronin, Steven W Hamblin: Fast closure device for linear surgical stapling instrument. Ethicon, Paul A Coletti, August 11, 1992: US05137198 (530 worldwide citation)

A fast closure mechanism for a linear surgical stapling device as described. This comprises a double four-bar linkage which operates to both place a retaining pin into an anvil and properly and quickly approximate the staple cartridge to the anvil. Thereafter, a gap-setting screw is used so that the ...

Carlisle M Herron, David J Cooper: Absorbent structure containing individualized, polycarboxylic acid crosslinked wood pulp cellulose fibers. The Procter & Gamble Cellulose Company, Bart S Hersko, Fredrick H Braun, Richard C Witte, August 11, 1992: US05137537 (407 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are absorbent structures containing individualized, crosslinked fibers. The individualized, crosslinked fibers preferably have a C.sub.2 -C.sub.9 polycarboxylic acid crosslinking agent reacted with the fibers in the form of intrafiber crosslink bonds. Preferably, the crosslinking agent is ...

Kinji Nishimura: Clinical thermometer for women. Nishimoto, Owen Wickersham & Erickson, August 11, 1992: US05137028 (362 worldwide citation)

A clinical thermometer for women having processing function to determine day of ovulation accurately and also having function to memorize the data for several menstruation periods and to display the data when desired to guide exact diagnosis.

Philip D Cook, Charles J Guinosso: Polyamine conjugated oligonucleotides. ISIS Pharmaceuticals, Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris, August 11, 1992: US05138045 (352 worldwide citation)

Oligonucleotide analogs are provided having improved cellular uptake and improved nuclease resistance. Modification of oligonucleotides through the attachment of nitrogenous moieties, especially polyamines, hydrazines and the like to nucleosidic portions of the analogs is disclosed. Oligonucleotides ...

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A mesh connected local area network provides automatic packet switching and routing between host computers coupled to the network. The network has a multiplicity of cut-through, nonblocking switches, each capable of simultaneously routing a multiplicity of data packets. Low host-to-host latency is a ...

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In the present invention, memory chips are stuck together in stacked fashion by TAB (tape automated bonding), and a multiple memory chip and lead complex like an SOP (small out-line package) is formed of the chips and leads, whereby a memory module of high packaging density can be realized by a flat ...

Marc K Roberts, Matthew A Chikosky, Jerry A Speasl: Electronic still video camera with direct personal computer (PC) compatible digital format output. Personal Computer Cameras, Paul W Fish, August 11, 1992: US05138459 (236 worldwide citation)

An electronic still camera comprising a lens, shutter, and exposure control system, a focus and range control circuit, a solid state imaging device incorporating a Charge Couple Device (CCD) through which an image is focused, a digital control unit through which timing and control of an image for el ...

Alan G Wood, Tim J Corbett: Packaging for semiconductor logic devices. Micron Technology, Stanley N Protigal, August 11, 1992: US05138434 (217 worldwide citation)

A logic module design is disclosed which incorporates an unencapsulated wafer section or sections. The disclosed module is an improvement over previous designs in that it is less expensive and easier to manufacture due to the reduced number of components and the complexity of the components, is fast ...

Steven P Hotelling: Shaft angle encoder with rotating off-axis interference pattern. Gyration, Michael L Sherrard, August 11, 1992: US05138154 (209 worldwide citation)

A shaft angle encoder adapted for use in a hand-held gyroscope has a motor at the core of the gyroscope suspended by two pairs of orthogonal gimbals to provide two-degrees-of-freedom for the inner gimbal. Power is provided to the motor through conductive elements in the bearings without limting the ...