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Die Kniegelenkptothese besteht aus einem in der Tibia verankerbaren Tibiaplateau (1) und einem im Femur befestigten Femurteil (4); beide Teile (1, 4) sind vorzugsweise aus Metall. Zwischen beiden ist ein Zwischenteil (3) aus Kunststoff angeordnet, auf dem sich beim Beugen und Strecken des Gelenkes d ...

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Benzamide derivatives of the formula (I): wherein R represents alkyl, R represents alkyl or mono-, bi- or tricycloalkyl, R represents an optionally substituted phenyl, naphthyl or heterocyclyl group, and Z represents oxygen or sulphur, and when said heterocyclyl groups contain one or more nitrogen r ...

Walker George T: Strand displacement amplification.. Becton Dickinson Co, August 5, 1992: EP0497272-A1 (83 worldwide citation)

This invention relates a nucleic acid target amplification and detection method which operates at a single temperature and makes use of a polymerase in conjunction with an endonuclease that will nick the polymerized strand such that the polymerase will displace the strand without digestion while gen ...

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A tape printer unit comprises a housing (11, 14), a printer unit (22) provided in the housing (11, 14), a keyboard on the housing (11, 14), and a cassette (100, 120) accommodating an adhesive tape (101, 121) and ink ribbon (102, 122) the cassette (100, 120) being removablely attached in the printer ...

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A class of substituted imidazole, triazole and tetrazole derivatives are selective agonists of 5-HT1-like receptors and are therefore useful in the treatment of clinical conditions, in particular migraine and associated disorders, for which a selective agonist of these receptors is indicated.

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A novel conjugate vaccine comprising partially hydrolyzed, highly purified, capsular polysaccharide (Ps) from Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria (pneumococci, Pn) linked to an immunogenic carrier protein, is produced by a new process. The conjugate is useful in the prevention of pneumococcal infectio ...

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A system for linking a first member with a second member. The system is comprised of a first plurality of micromechanical barbs disposed on the first member. The system is also comprised of a second plurality of micromechanical barbs disposed on the second member. The barbs on the first member and t ...

Delpy David Thomas University: Oximeter with monitor.. Hamamatsu Photonics, August 5, 1992: EP0497021-A1 (60 worldwide citation)

A diagnostic apparatus includes light sources (LD1 to LD4) emit four near infrared light rays of different wavelengths. The light rays are introduced into a body organ to be subjected to diagnosis and the light rays transilluminated through the body organ are picked up. The transilluminated light is ...

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The present invention relates to a distributed object-based computer system in which sharable objects are split into client and server components (see Figure 7). Each client object contains a reference to the associated server object component. By copying client object components to other users, the ...

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The invention provides compounds of the formula wherein A represents the group R represents hydrogen, amino, protected amino, acylamino or lower alkyl optionally substituted by aryl, hydroxy, protected hydroxy, amino, protected amino, acylamino, maleimido, succinimido, naphthalimido, 2,3-dihydro-1,3 ...