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A video recording apparatus used for a television system and the like writes video information on a track formed on a recording medium in a writing direction which directs from a predetermined start position to a predetermined end position of track by use of a head. Thereafter, the video information ...

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A PFC controller (FIG. 5) provides power factor correction and peak current limiting for a switch-mode power converter of any topology (buck, boost or buck-boost), without having to directly sense inductor current. The PFC control technique involves using a piecewise-polynomial analog computer (AC) ...

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Absorbent articles such as disposable diapers, incontinent pads, sanitary napkins and the like that have multiple layer absorbent cores that are suitable for acquiring and containing liquids in an especially effective and efficient manner. The absorbent core comprises multiple layers including a fir ...

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A mouthpiece valve for breathing equipment which utilizes a spring-loaded axially movable valve disc to close the connection to the breathing equipment when the valve is in an inoperative position. To lock the valve in the closed position, it is provided with two tapered pins which are externally in ...

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Sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, emitted in flue gases are separated by gas centrifuge separators, and liquefied by gas mechanical compression and cooling means.

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A method of bonding a flexible circuitized substrate to a circuitized substrate (e.g., printed circuit board) to interconnect selected circuitry of both substrates using solder. Solder paste is applied over conductive pads on the circuitized substrate and organic dewetting material (e.g., epoxy coat ...

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A mass memory system for digital computers is disclosed. The system has a plurality of disk drives coupled to a plurality of small buffers. An Error Correction Controller is coupled to a plurality of X-bar switches, the X-bar switches being connected between each disk drive and its buffers. Data is ...

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A method of profiling a rough surface of an object includes moving the object along a z axis so that a highest point of the rough surface is optically aligned with and outside of the focus range of a solid-state imaging array. An interferogram of the rough surface then is produced by means of a two ...

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Retinoid like activity is exhibited by compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein the R.sub.1 -R.sub.6 groups are independently H or straight chain or branched chain lower alkyl or cycloalkyl of 1 to 6 carbons; X symbolizes an ester or thioester linkage, Y is lower branched chain alkyl having 2 to 6 ...

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The present invention concerns pyrazole derivatives of formula: ##STR1## used for the treatment of inflammation, pain, thrombosis and rheumatism.