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The invention is a total knee endoprosthesis with a fixed flexion-extension xis throughout all degrees of flexion and extension of the knee. The endoprosthesis has a femoral component with spaced apart medial and lateral condyle portions which slidably seat on a tibial implant portion. The fixed fle ...

Thomas J Fenick: Device for locating the optimum position for a tooth implant. Arthur T Fattibene, Paul A Fattibene, July 28, 1992: US05133660 (140 worldwide citation)

A surgical stent for accurately positioning an implant in the most optimum bone structure of a patient that includes a negative impression of the area of the implant having a guide formed as an integral part of the negative impression that has either a top opening or a lateral side opening for recei ...

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An apparatus and method is provided for dispensing coil emboli one at a time in a controlled and reliable manner during surgery to embolize several blood vessels or the like in a body. The apparatus includes a magazine that is movable within a dispenser housing to position each of the embolus cartri ...

Colin P Spears: Spears retriever. Cushman Darby & Cushman, July 28, 1992: US05133360 (138 worldwide citation)

A biopsy instrument is provided which has a retractable cutting wire or filament looped external to the innermost surface of the distal end of the tissue cutting cylinder. Forceful retraction of the cutting wire will cause displacement and closure of a loop of wire over the distal margin of the core ...

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An adjustable implant for correcting spinal deformities which includes a frame to which the vertebrae are wired and which frame includes a pair of elongated rod members which are united at spaced intervals by arcuately shaped spacer members which retain the rod members substantially parallel and whe ...

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A suture throw holder, rundown tool and cutting system for running one or more throws formed in two lengths of suture extending from a surgical site down to the surgical site so as to form a knot at the surgical site and for blindly cutting the suture ends adjacent the knot. The system comprises a s ...

Rajen Puri: Generating oxygen-depleted air useful for increasing methane production. Amoco Corporation, Marcy M Lyles, July 28, 1992: US05133406 (128 worldwide citation)

A method for generating oxygen-depleted air for injection into a subterranean coal seam for increasing production of methane. Air and produced fluids comprising methane are input into a fuel cell power system; and fuel cell power system exhaust comprising oxygen-depleted air is injected into the coa ...

Stevan M Divnick: Adjustable golf club. July 28, 1992: US05133553 (125 worldwide citation)

A club head and hosel assembly providing adjustable loft angles wherein the adjustment ring is located within a housing in the hosel and a one-way ratchet engagement is used to adjust the loft angle by alternately rotating the club head in one direction and then the other with respect to the hosel.

John R Moffatt: High molecular weight colloids which control bleed. Hewlett Packard Company, July 28, 1992: US05133803 (122 worldwide citation)

Color bleed (the invasion of one color into another on the surface of the print medium) using ink-jet inks is controlled by employing high molecular weight colloids, such as alginates, in conjunction with amphoteric surfactants and/or non-ionic amphiphiles. The inks of the invention comprise a vehic ...

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An apparatus for and method of improving muscle tone of a patient using chronic sub-tetanic electrical stimulation. For patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, for example, the muscles of the upper airway are provided the chronic stimulation to mitigate or prevent the adverse medical condit ...