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An especially crack-resistant yet elastomeric and pliable polyurethane is provided as a polymer which is especially suitable for medical prostheses, implants, roofing insulators and the like. The polymer is a polycarbonate urethane polymer which is substantially completely devoid of ether linkages.

James D S Martin: Flexible housing for transmission lines. W L Gore & Associates, E Alan Uebler, July 28, 1992: US05134251 (235 worldwide citation)

A flexible housing, for use in protecting one or more transmission lines in a pressurized environment comprises a conduit (10) contained within a protective outer jacekt (16). The conduit (10) is constructed of a plurality of conduit segments (18a and 18b), each segment having an opening (28) theret ...

Brent D Gilgen, Tyler A Lowrey, Joseph J Karniewicz, Anthony M McQueen: Reduced-mask, split-polysilicon CMOS process, incorporating stacked-capacitor cells, for fabricating multi-megabit dynamic random access memories. Micron Technology, Angus C Fox III, July 28, 1992: US05134085 (232 worldwide citation)

This invention constitutes a 10-12 mask, split-polysilicon process for fabricating dynamic random access memories of the stacked capacitor type for the one-megabit generation and beyond. The process flow is characterized: reduced mask count due to the elimination of the N+ and p+ source-drain maskin ...

Malcolm C Beaverstock, Peter G Martin: Performance control apparatus and method in a processing plant. The Foxboro Company, Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds, July 28, 1992: US05134574 (230 worldwide citation)

Processing plant control apparatus provides real-time indications of performance of plant operations with respect to curent state of process means. The real-time indications enable operations personnel to timely adjust process means to improve current performance of plant operations. Sensors coupled ...

Thomas D Petersen, Douglas W Stuart: Universal modular prosthesis stem extension. Alvarado Orthopedic Research, H Jay Spiegel, July 28, 1992: US05133760 (215 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an improved universal modular prosthetic stem extension which may be installed on a prosthesis in a multiplicity of differing orientations to allow adaptation to a multiplicity of differing patient conditions. The stem includes a coupling mechanism allowing the stem to be rotated to any ...

Ladislau Biro, Robert F Cusack, Michael D Mintz: Disposable-retractable finger stick device. International Technidyne Corporation, Arthur L Plevy, July 28, 1992: US05133730 (212 worldwide citation)

A finger stick device for making a skin incision includes a blade pivot arm having a first end pivotally coupled to a housing and a second end having an upper sloped surface and a lower surface. A blade is affixed to the second end such that its cutting edge extends away from the lower surface. A re ...

Kazuaki Yokoyama: Surface light source device. Enplas Corporation, Cushman Darby & Cushman, July 28, 1992: US05134549 (199 worldwide citation)

A surface light source device comprising a linear light source, a light transmitting member having an end surface of incidence located in the vicinity of the light source, a diffusing plate arranged on the front surface of the light transmitting member and a reflecting plate arranged on the rear sur ...

Dan Kedem: Hard tissue biopsy instrument with rotary drive. Du Kedem Technologies, Benjamin J Barish, July 28, 1992: US05133359 (193 worldwide citation)

A hard tissue biopsy instrument includes an outer hollow needle attachable to a housing to project from one end thereof and having a sharpened outer tip; an inner hollow needle attachable to the housing within the outer hollow needle and having a milling outer tip, the inner hollow needle being rota ...

John H Brekke: Method and apparatus for diodegradable, osteogenic, bone graft substitute device. THM Biomedical, Peterson Wicks Hemer & Kamrath, July 28, 1992: US05133755 (186 worldwide citation)

Device and method for treating mammalian bone deficiencies, defects, voids and conformational discontinuities produced by congenital deformities, osseous and/or soft tissue pathology, traumatic injuries and functional atrophy is described. The device is a one piece molded body member composed of fou ...

Thomas O Bales, Charles R Slater, Kevin W Smith: Radial jaw biopsy forceps. Symbiosis Corporation, July 28, 1992: US05133727 (185 worldwide citation)

A biological forceps device for the taking of tissue samples from a body, comprising a flexible main coil attached at its distal end to a pair of homologous cast jaws. The jaws have radially arranged teeth on their distalmost end. The jaws are opened and closed by attachment to a pair of pull wires ...