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A stent for implantation into a body vessel in which a cylindrical stent body coiled from a generally continuous wire with a deformable zig-zag structure is provided with means for preventing the stent body from stretching along its longitudinal axis. This stent is especially useful when implanting ...

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In a collapsible filter for introduction into a blood vessel of a patient and of the kind comprising a number of legs (1-4) diverging from an apical hub (5) and each having a reversely turned hook (1b-4b) at its distal end with respect to said hub (5), each leg comprises a central element (1a-4a), b ...

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An extended release pharmaceutical formulation adapted to approach zero order release of drug over a 12 to at least 24 hour period, comprised of a mixture of 0 to aobut 50% of an immediate release particle containing a drug, inert substrate and binder, coated with talc and up to 100% of an extended ...

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Apparatus and methods are disclosed for transmitting and receiving auxiliary data in addition to regular audio broadcast programs including musical selections and announcements. The auxiliary data includes musical selection identification such as title, artist and album name. Receiver circuits are d ...

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A hand-held electronic game machine includes a computer accommodated in a case and a liquid crystal display (LCD) panel provided at an upper portion of a front surface of the case. When an external memory is inserted to a receiving port formed on a rear surface of the case at a portion opposite to t ...

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A pulse generator housing for enclosing and containing pulse generator defibrillation circuitry. At least one surface is electrically conductive and connected to the pulse generator circuitry for delivering defibrillating energy to the heart. The pulse generator housing is implanted in the pectoral ...

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Sulfoalkyl ether cyclodextrin derivatives and their use as solubilizing agents for water insoluble drugs for oral, intranasal, or parenteral administration are disclosed.

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An ion sensor of the type wherein a specific type of ion in an aqueous solution is measured by potential response. The sensor includes a conductor base, and a reversible redox polymer film formed directly on a surface of said conductor base. An ion carrier film is formed directly on a surface of sai ...

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The deazauracil containing probes of the invention are able to withstand higher temperatures, thereby allowing unmatched probes and mismatched probes to be washed off at higher hybridization stringency, thereby eliminating background readings and improving ease and accuracy of probe use.

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A self-adjusting impedance matching driver for a digital circuit. The driver has both a pull-up gate to VDD and a pull-down gate to ground. An array of gates is provided in parallel with each of the pull-up gate and the pull-down gate, with any one or more of such gates being selectively enabled in ...