Paul Yurt, H Lee Browne: Audio and video transmission and receiving system. Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner, July 21, 1992: US05132992 (798 worldwide citation)

A system of distributing video and/or audio information employs digital signal processing to achieve high rates of data compression. The compressed and encoded audio and/or video information is sent over standard telephone, cable or satellite broadcast channels to a receiver specified by a subscribe ...

Edward L Cheffetz, Ronald C Searls: Backup computer program for networks. Personal Computer Peripherals Corporation, Dominik Stein Saccocio Reese Colitz & VanDerWall, July 21, 1992: US05133065 (626 worldwide citation)

A computer network for backing up data and program files located on networked workstations onto a centralized backup media of a backup device of the network. The backup computer network allows users of workstations of remote nodes to preselect files (by name and by file selection criteria) on their ...

Douglas J Ballantyne, Michael Mulhall: Method and apparatus for distribution of movies. Burke Robertson, July 21, 1992: US05133079 (417 worldwide citation)

A new and useful method and apparatus for distribution of movies for viewing on a customer's television set. Digitized compressed signals containing audio and visual components of the movie selected by the customer are sent to the customer's receiver. The digital signals are converted to correspondi ...

Tore J M Risch: Method of monitoring changes in attribute values of object in an object-oriented database. Hewlett Packard Company, July 21, 1992: US05133075 (323 worldwide citation)

A method of monitoring objects in an interactive object-oriented database system. Any of a plurality of client programs can request monitoring of attributes of objects in the database. A record is kept of update transactions initiated by a client. When the client commits the changes, any client whic ...

Ronald K Grooters: External cardiac assist device. Zarley McKee Thomte Voorhees & Sease, July 21, 1992: US05131905 (295 worldwide citation)

An external cardiac assistance device is provided for augmenting cardiac contractions. The device includes a flexible, non-distensible shell adapted to be positioned over the base of the heart. A distensible membrane is mounted within the shell to define an inflatable space so that the device can be ...

Paul J Marinaccio, Bruce Nappi, Khushroo M Captain, Alan J Lane: Contact digitizer, particularly for dental applications. Foster Miller, Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, July 21, 1992: US05131844 (267 worldwide citation)

A dental surface tracer includes a probe with a tip that can be moved to trace a given dental surface, including a mounting device for mounting the tracer to a stable reference location and defining a base plane; a first plurality of links which are substantially coplanar and define a plane of movem ...

Benjamin D Pless, William H Elias, Timothy A Marguit: Implantable cardiac defibrillator with improved capacitors. Ventritex, Gerstman & Ellis, July 21, 1992: US05131388 (245 worldwide citation)

An implantable cardiac defibrillator is provided having an energy source, a capacitor, and means coupled to the energy source for charging the capacitor. The capacitor comprises a planar layered structure of anode plates, cathode plates and means separating the anode plates and cathode plates. A pol ...

James C Stevens, David R Neithamer: Metal complex compounds. The Dow Chemical Company, Douglas N Deline, July 21, 1992: US05132380 (228 worldwide citation)

A monocyclopentadienyl or substituted monocyclopentadienyl metal complex containing compound useful as a polymerization catalyst corresponding to the formula:

Shin ichiro Hayano, Hiroshi Suzuki: Call control with transmission priority in a packet communication network of an ATM type. NEC Corporation, Foley & Lardner, July 21, 1992: US05132966 (209 worldwide citation)

In a high-speed packet multiplex communication network including a transmission line with a predetermined bandwidth and accommodating a plurality of information sources, the sources having various packet delivery rates over a range of between a peak rate and a lower rate than an average rate and dem ...


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