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Products of formula (I): in which: R1 denotes cyano, nitro or halogen, R2 denotes trifluoromethyl or halogen; the group -A-B- is chosen from the radicals in which X denotes oxygen or sulphur and R3 is chosen from: - a hydrogen< - alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, aryl or arylalkyl, optionally substituted; Y ...

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An aqueous preparation for the absorption and stabilisation of microgas bubbles for use as echo contrast agents containing polyoxyethylene/polyoxypropylene polymers and negatively charged phospholipids is given, which is suitable for the demonstration of the left heart.

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A loop threated needle-suture device (10) is disclosed wherein a surgical needle (12) is provided with a pointed end (16) and a drilled aperture (22) extending axially of the butt end (18), and a length of flexible suture material (14) is doubled upon itself to form a loop, both free ends (24,26) of ...

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Recording means having integrally a recording head unit having discharge ports for discharging the ink and ink channels communicating to said discharge ports and leading the ink thereto, and an ink tank unit for storing the ink to be supplied to said recording head unit, wherein said recording head ...


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A dual-chamber AV sequential pacemaker with the capability of automatically adjusting right heart AV interval to optimize left heart AV interval by compensating for pacing-induced inter-atrial and inter-ventricular conduction delays. Depending on the pacing and sensing action, as determined by the p ...

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This invention relates to a substantially purified p100 which is a human neu related protein having a molecular weight in the range from about 97,000 daltons to about 115,000 daltons which corresponds substantially to the extracellular domain of the human neu gene product, said protein being detecta ...

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The invention relates to a fire resistant sealing material which comprises a plastic foam carrier impregnated with and/or incorporating an inorganic filler, a sintering agent and optionally other additive(s), such that when the sealing material is heated to a temperature which decomposes the plastic ...

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The invention refers to a new coupling system between bimodal semi-trailers made to function both on road and on rail, and refers to the coupling devices of rail bogies. The coupling, which is of horizontally sliding coupling type, consists in a casing (12) at the rear end of the semi-trailer, into ...

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A capping device for an ink jet printer is constructed such that a cap supporting member (14), adapted to move from the non-capping position to the capping position by the thrust action of a carriage (3), is arranged on the home position side of the ink jet printer so that the outer end part of the ...