Hanai Nobuo, Ohta So: Monoclonal antibodies to glycolipid carbohydrate chains.. Kyowa Hakko Kogyo, July 8, 1992: EP0493686-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

A monoclonal antibody which belongs to the subclass IgG3, is reactive with at least one GD3 ganglioside and with 3',8'-LD1 and has cytotoxic activity, which is useful in the treatment of neutroectodermal carcinomas.

Dhong Sang Hoo, Hwang Wei, Taira Yoichi: Pmos wordline boost circuit for dram.. Ibm, July 8, 1992: EP0493659-A2 (12 worldwide citation)

A wordline driver circuit is shown for a DRAM, the circuit comprising a PMOS transistor structure (58) having one contact coupled to a wordline (60), a second contact coupled to a negative voltage supply and a gate coupled to a control input, the transistor having an N-well (64) about the gate, firs ...

Kamiyama Yasuo Citizen Watch C, Takahashi Masaaki Citizen Watc: Watch of hands indication type.. Citizen Watch, July 8, 1992: EP0493613-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

A multifunctional watch of a hands indication type which can display many functions including time display, date display, timer, alarming and a chronograph by hands. The watch has a first reduction gear train for a second-hand connected with a motor A, a second reduction gear train for a minute-hand ...

Villa Nuccio: (read) Interface toward the external circuitry isolated from the (write/erase) interface toward the programming circuitry.. Sgs Thomson Microelectronics, July 8, 1992: EP0493640-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

An EEPROM cell with a single level gate structure is structured over at least three distinct active areas of the semiconducting substrate over which extend portions of the single isolated gate structure of the cell. A read transistor of the cell is formed in a distinct active area which is substanti ...

Fobar William J, Maliszewski Robert L, Haddad Charles J, Bridges Wade T: A frame assembly for automotive vehicles.. Ford Motor, Ford Werke, Ford France, July 8, 1992: EP0494116-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

An aluminium space frame for an automotive vehicle is constructed in a fashion which slide-and-channel structure is coextruded with adjacent longitudinal and transverse structural members (14,16,24,26) to the frame to facilitate their rigid interconnection without the use of extraneous fasteners.

Geesin Jeffrey C, Gordon Joel S: Wound healing compositions containing fibroblast growth factor and ascorbic acid.. Johnson & Johnson Consumer, July 8, 1992: EP0493985-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

A wound healing composition of the present invention comprises purified FGF and ascorbic acid. A method for healing a wound in a patient comprises applying to the wound a wound-healing amount of the composition of the present invention.

Fukano Yoshihiro C O Smc Corp, Makado Shoichi C O Smc Corp So, Doi Yoshitada C O Smc Corp Sok: Manifold valve.. Smc, July 8, 1992: EP0493972-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

A manifold valve has a larger valve port, through which a spool slides, than conventional relative to the size of the valve body. When the size of the valve port is fixed, the size of the entire valve can be made smaller. The walls on both sides of the valve fort have no holes to pass bolts to faste ...

Mondet Jean, Lion Bertrand: Copolymers based on n-alkyl acrylamide, their preparation and their use as thickeners in shampoo compositions.. Oreal, July 8, 1992: EP0494022-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

Copolymer characterised in that it originates from the copolymerisation of a mixture of monomers comprising: at least 30 % by weight of at least one organic carboxylic acid containing ethylenic unsaturation, at least 30 % by weight of at least one N-alkylacrylamide in which the alkyl group contains ...

Radke Kathleen M, Marshall William C Jr, Lowry David J, Blomberg Jon M, Demers Robert E: Hand controller.. Honeywell, July 8, 1992: EP0493795-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

An active virtual pivot hand controller (10) using motors to control reflective forces and torques. Degree of freedom parameters, stops, and reflective force rates may be easily modified without altering hardware. The location of the virtual pivot of the hand controller may be likewise readily chang ...

Smals Michael Renier: Sand-cement mixture suitable for mortar.. Grint & Zandexpl Mij Vh Smals, July 8, 1992: EP0493858-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

A mixture suitable for special building mortars, particularly for floors, bricklaying and/or pointing work, which mixture comprises at least a sand and a cement fraction, wherein the sand fraction is composed of a quantity (35 per cent) of river sand and a quantity (65 per cent) of crushed sand obta ...