Bennett John Sebastian: A mechanical clutch. Massey Ferguson Mfg, July 8, 1992: GB2251465-A (15 worldwide citation)

A mechanical clutch (16) for coupling two drive members (18, 20) together in a manner which limits the actuation load the operator has to exert in order to engage the clutch (16) comprises a first drive member (18) having a plurality of driving elements (22) splined thereon, a second driven member ( ...

Hancock William R: Display for a traffic alert and collision avoidance system.. Honeywell, July 8, 1992: EP0493822-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

A traffic situation awareness display (60) in a craft has the craft represented by a center symbol (22), has other traffic entities represented by position symbols (23,62,72,74) that indicate by shape the horizontal heading of a craft, having the shape of the represented vehicle and varying size to ...

Wright Joseph D: Method of storing information.. Xerox, July 8, 1992: EP0493961-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

Taggants are incorporated into marking materials used to create images. Reproduction systems detect the taggants, and use the resulting information to control reproduction. The invention is particularly applicable to color correction, enhancement and translation; document identification; image prese ...

Kioka Mamoru, Kawakita Kazumitsu, Toyota Akinori: Titanium catalyst components, process for preparing same, catalysts containing same for preparing ethylene polymers and process for preparing said ethylene polymers.. Mitsui Petrochemical, July 8, 1992: EP0494084-A1 (14 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a carrier-supported titanium catalyst component containing magnesium, aluminum, halogen and titanium as essential ingredients, said titanium catalyst component being obtainable by reacting: [I] a magnesium containing support obtainable by contacting a support (i) with a hydroc ...

Hemmi Keiji, Shima Ichiro, Imai Keisuke, Tanaka Hirokazu: Trifluoromethylketone tripeptide derivatives.. Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co, July 8, 1992: EP0494071-A2 (13 worldwide citation)

New trifluoromethylketone derivatives of the following formula : wherein R is lower alkyl which has one or two substituents selected from carboxy, esterified carboxy and di-lower alkylcarbamoyl; phenyl(lower)alkyl, the phenyl moiety of which may have halogen or nitro or amino and the alkyl moiety of ...

Thoseby Michael Robert, Rolfe William Martin, Dobinson Bryan: Production of compounds.. Ciba-Geigy, July 8, 1992: EP0493916-A2 (13 worldwide citation)

A process for the production of a material having an increased molecular weight relative to the diepoxide starting material the material being either a hydroxy-terminated or an epoxy-terminated material comprising a) reacting a diepoxide with a dihydroxy compound, in the presence, as catalyst, of a ...

Aranguren William L, Bantel Richard G, Howard Jonathan L, Hunt Carlton J: Intrusion detection apparatus for local area network.. American Telephone & Telegraph, July 8, 1992: EP0493892-A2 (13 worldwide citation)

Intrusion detection is afforded for local area networks by including one or more intelligent hub units connected to the stations in the network. The intelligent hub unit maintains a list of codes identifying those stations and units connected locally to ports of the intelligent hub unit. When a stat ...

Lange Wolfgang Versuchsingenie, Leidig Hans Juergen Entwicklun, Schuettler Peter Maschinenbaut, Wuenschmann Manfred Dipl Ing: Flexible conduit element for exhaust conduits of internal combustion engines for vehicles.. Witzenmann Metallschlauchfab, July 8, 1992: EP0493680-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

The invention discloses a flexible conduit element (1) for exhaust conduits of internal combustion engines for vehicles, having a bellows (2) made of metal and a metal hose (5) which is arranged coaxially in the latter and the outside cross section of which is smaller than the clear internal cross s ...

Tavecchia Paolo, Lociuro Sergio, Ciabatti Romeo, Selva Enrico: Amides of antibiotic ge 2270 factors.. Lepetit, July 8, 1992: EP0494078-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to novel amide derivatives of antibiotic GK 2270 compounds and a process for preparing them. Said amide derivatives are antimicrobial agents active against gram positive bacteria as well as gram negative bacteria.

Tencati Adriano: Container made of flexible laminated sheet with insert for opening and reclosing.. Safta, July 8, 1992: EP0493723-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

Containers, in particular bags for limited liquid, oil, cream doses, etc., that can be easily opened and reclosed even after various drawings, and that can be difficultly submitted to violations, including a container body formed by thermosealable, substantially flexible composite film (laminated or ...