Garenfeld Andreas Johannes, Munnig Schmidt Robbert Han: Depilation method.. Philips, July 8, 1992: EP0493849-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

A depilation method whereby hairs are gripped and pulled from the skin by means of a depilation member (3,4). Immediately prior to depilation, a vibration member (15) is brought into contact with the skin to be depilated, which member exerts forces of varying intensity on the skin whereby the nerve ...

Reimann Werner Dr, Feustel Michael Dr, Hobes John Dr: Terpolymers of ethylene, their preparation and their use as additives for mineral oil distillates.. Hoechst, July 8, 1992: EP0493769-A1 (22 worldwide citation)

Die Erfindung betrifft durch gemeinsame Polymerisation von Ethylen, Vinylacetat und Neononansäurevinylester bzw. Neodecansäurevinylester erhaltene Terpolymerisate, ein Verfahren zu ihrer Herstellung und ihre Verwendung als Additive für Mineralöldestillate.

Hunt David Allen, Lavanish Jerome Michael, Asselin Magda, Los Marinus: Fungicidal amino acid amides.. American Cyanamid Co, July 8, 1992: EP0493683-A1 (22 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a method for the protection of plants from the effects of plant pathogenic fungi by applying to the locus of the plant or the fungi a fungicidally effective amount of a compound having the Formula I structure shown below: where X, Y, Z, R, R, R, R, R, R, R n and m ha ...

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A method and apparatus for transverse registration of image exposures on photoreceptive belts (12) subject to lateral deviation from linear travel in which targets (T1, T2, T3), corresponding in location to the image areas (l1, l2, l3) to be exposed, are used for the detection of lateral belt displa ...

Rippel Wally E, Cocconi Alan G: Electric motor drive and power processing apparatus.. Gen Motors, July 8, 1992: EP0493848-A2 (21 worldwide citation)

A drive and recharge apparatus is disclosed that includes a bidirectional dc power source (26), two voltage-fed inverters (40a,40b), two induction motors (12a,12b, and a control unit. In the drive mode, power is bidirectionally connected between the dc power source and the motors. In the recharge mo ...

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A security system for a mobile piece of equipment, e.g. vehicle, that may be stolen consists of a central processing unit (in the equipment) in data communication with component control units CCU attached to respective parts of the equipment being protected. The control units accept a code from the ...

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A self-propelling, powder dispensing aerosol composition comprising at least 0.0001 % by weight of a finely-divided solid medicament coated with a non-perfluorinated surface-active dispersing agent which constitutes at least 0.0001 % by weight of the coated solid material, and suspended in an aeroso ...

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Constituent layers are harvested from a centrifuged multi-constituent material in an evacuated glass (2) or clear plastic tube which contains a float (6). When possibly contaminated materials, such as blood, are being tested, the use of an evacuated tube allows the measurements to be made without th ...

Dunn John B R, Cowger Bruce: Ink delivery system for an ink-jet pen.. Hewlett Packard Co, July 8, 1992: EP0493978-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

A flexible reservoir bladder (24) is connected to the base (28) of a pen body to define a reservoir volume (25) that permits nearly all of the ink contained therein to be delivered from the pen by a print head (26). The back pressure developed within the reservoir volume (25) is regulated by the res ...

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Heteroaromatic nonlinear optical compounds, alone, and in combination with a chemically inert medium to provide a combination exhibiting second order nonlinear optical properties, including combinations that dispose a layer of the nonlinear optical compounds on chemically inert substrates, blend gue ...