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The invention relates to three-layer vascular prostheses comprising an internal layer 1, a middle layer 2 and an external layer 3 which is characterized in that the middle layer 2 is made from a physiologically non-resorbable, porous material, and the internal layer 1 and the external layer 3 are se ...

Marsh Michael John Camille, Lenarcik Andrzej: Electronic identification system.. Csir, July 8, 1992: EP0494114-A2 (88 worldwide citation)

An identification system comprises an interrogator and a number of transponders. The interrogator includes a transmitter (10) for transmitting an interrogation signal to the transponder, and a receiver (16,18,20,22) for receiving a response signal from the transponder. A micro-processor (28) identif ...

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Use of a compound of formula (I) or a pharmaceutically acceptable derivative thereof in the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of hepatitis B is disclosed.

Haerle Anton Prof Dr: Bone replacement.. Haerle Anton, July 8, 1992: EP0493698-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a bone replacement for use in bone defect fillings and/or bone distractions in the body, in which two material components form the shaped body, the first of these material components having a high mechanical "strength", and the second material component having good biologica ...

Mudr Milan Krajicek Csc: Method and device for the osteosynthesis of bones.. Mudr Milan Krajicek Csc, July 8, 1992: EP0493789-A1 (52 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a device and a method for the osteosynthesis of bones by intra-marrowial fixation. The device comprises a tube (2) made of a non-elastic material, provided to be inserted into the marrow cavity of a bone (1), one end (2') being sealed, and the other end being open, and a con ...

Herrmann Anton Dipl Ing: Electric motor.. Loher, July 8, 1992: EP0493704-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

A motor, in particular an electric motor, possesses a motor housing (2) in which a motor-filling medium (6) surrounding the motor (11) is situated, and a pressure housing (1) which surrounds the motor housing (2) and in which a housing-filling medium (5) is situated. To be able to carry away adequat ...

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A network routing method and structural embodiment wherein a call is routed from a calling station (110) to a desired called destination (115) among a plurality of destinations reachable by a number dialed from the calling station, and wherein that routing illustratively is through a digital link sp ...

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A wound clotting device (20) is disclosed comprising a clotting device (20) for dispensing a clotting agent (34) onto a selected location (A) in a patient while being retained adjacent to that location (A), comprising a tube (22) having a proximal end portion (26) and a distal end portion (24); mean ...

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A nonwoven web for absorbing and transporting a liquid, which web is capable of both interfiber and intrafiber liquid transportation. The web includes shaped fibers, which fibers define a notch, which notch defines an angle alpha such that alpha < 180 DEG - 2 theta wherein theta is the contact angle ...

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A medical dispensing system for making tissue adhesive components quickly available for surgical use is described. The process for preparing the medical dispensing system is also described. The medical dispensing system comprises a closed container (10) having a thin frozen coating of a tissue adhes ...