Henry Von Kohorn: System and method for generating and redeeming tokens. Perman & Green, July 7, 1992: US05128752 (635 worldwide citation)

Tokens and coupons are generated in a television viewer's home by the viewer entering selected product information and authentication data transmitted to and displayed on the television into a home generating unit. The tokens and coupons can be presented to stores or redemption facilities for prizes ...

R Charles Ray, Richard B Ashman: Sacral implant system. R Charles Ray, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, July 7, 1992: US05127912 (382 worldwide citation)

A sacral implant system includes first and second sacral plates that are affixed on opposite sides of the sacrum adjacent the lumbosacral junction. Pedicle, lateral and oblique mounting means are provided for rigidly affixing the sacral plates to the sacrum. First and second fixation rods extend in ...

William A Thomas Jr: Control device having multiple degrees of freedom. LTV Aerospace and Defense Company, Arnold White & Durkee, July 7, 1992: US05128671 (337 worldwide citation)

A hand-held joystick has spaced-apart groups of accelerometers and is free to move or rotate on multiple axes. Each group has, for example, three mutually perpendicular accelerometers, with each one producing an electrical signal responsive to linear acceleration along one axis. The signals are comb ...

Angus C Fox III, Warren M Farnworth: High-density electronic package comprising stacked sub-modules which are electrically interconnected by solder-filled vias. Micron Technology, Angus C Fox III, July 7, 1992: US05128831 (319 worldwide citation)

A high-density package containing identical multiple IC chips is disclosed. The package is assembled from submodules interleaved with frame-like spacers. Each submodule comprises a rectangular, wafer-like substrate. The substrate has a planar metalization pattern, comprising conductive traces, on it ...

Paul B Wyborny, Glenn M Roline, Lucy M Nichols, David L Thompson: Telemetry format for implanted medical device. Medtronic, John A Rissman, Harold R Patton, July 7, 1992: US05127404 (316 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are disclosed for telemetering both analog and digital data from an implantable medical device to an external receiver, such as between an implanted cardiac pacer and its external programming equipment. Analog data is first converted to digital format by an analog-to-digital c ...

Neil J Szuminsky, Joseph Jordan, Paul A Pottgen, Jonathan L Talbott: Method and apparatus for amperometric diagnostic analysis. Tall Oak Ventures, Arnold B Silverman, Michael J Kline, Rita M Rooney, July 7, 1992: US05128015 (301 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a novel method and apparatus for the amperometric determination of a analyte, and in particular, to an apparatus for amperometric analysis utilizing a novel disposable electroanalytical cell for the quantitative determination of biologically important compounds from ...

Jaime A Borras: Energy saving protocol for a communication system. Motorola, Pedro P Hernandez, Thomas G Berry, July 7, 1992: US05128938 (247 worldwide citation)

A centralized communication system controller (102) measures and stores a historical record of each subscriber unit's communication activity. By examining this historical record, the controller predicts the subscriber unit's communication activity over a future time interval. A code based upon this ...

Endre A Balazs, Adolf Leshchiner, Nancy E Larsen: Drug delivery systems based on hyaluronans derivatives thereof and their salts and methods of producing same. Biomatrix, Sheldon Palmer, July 7, 1992: US05128326 (229 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are drug delivery systems based on a polymeric component which is soluble or insoluble (cross-linked) hyaluronan or hyaluronan copolymerized with another hydrophilic polymer or hylan and one or more substances having biological or pharmacological activity and methods of preparing same.

Edwin B Kaehler: Dynamic predictive keyboard. Apple Computer, Timothy Casey, July 7, 1992: US05128672 (220 worldwide citation)

A keyboard having the ability to predictively display different characters in association with its various keys within a variety of predefined character set layouts, based upon either the character preceeding an insertion point in a corresponding text field on a display or the last character entered ...

William M Johnson: Multiple instruction decoder for minimizing register port requirements. Advanced Micro Devices, Foley & Lardner, July 7, 1992: US05129067 (220 worldwide citation)

A multiple instruction decoder includes an input latch for receiving a plurality of logic instructions, wherein the plurality of logic instructions include N register-operand identifiers; arbitration logic coupled to the input latch for arbitrating read port contentions by the N register-operand ide ...

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