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An artificial disk prosthesis and methods for implanting it, the prosthesis. In one embodiment having a member for adapting in size and shape to an anatomical space between vertebrae and apparatus for expanding the member to conform to the space.

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An expandable intraluminal vascular graft includes a flexible cylindrical inner tube having a outer periphery and a plurality of separate scaffold member mounted on the outer periphery of the inner tube. The scaffold members are expandable, ring-like and provide circumferential rigidity to the graft ...

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A suture device comprises a loop member formed on one side with an aperture and an access channel extending from the aperture to an opening defined by the loop. A thread connected to loop is provided along a portion of its length with a series of tapered projections. Protuberances are provided on th ...

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Linear or branched oligonucleotide multimers useful as amplifiers in biochemical assays which comprise (1) at least one first single-stranded oligonucleotide unit that is complementary to a single-stranded oligonucleotide sequence of interest, and (2) a multiplicity of second single-stranded oligonu ...

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A visceral anchor and method for visceral wall mobilization is disclosed. The visceral anchor includes an elongated cross bar to which a suture is attached at a location substantially in the center of the cross bar. The cross bar further includes a helical spring sheath which jackets a rigid rod, th ...

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A gaming machine having a dynamic pay schedule is provided. The machine selects a pay schedule from a set of pay schedules as a function of the number of coins inserted and the current state of the machine. The state of the machine is represented by an event counter which is incremented upon the hap ...

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The parallel disk drive array data storage subsystem maps between virtual and physical data storage devices and schedules the writing of data to these devices. The data storage subsytem functions as a conventional large form factor disk drive memory, using an array of redundancy groups, each contain ...

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An elastomeric light valve has a substrate with a principal surface on which is formed a multiplicity of pixels; each pixel includes a first set of pixel electrodes interdigitated with a second set of pixel electrodes. A silicone elastomer gel is disposed over both the principal substrate surface an ...

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A vehicle light sensor for controlling light responsive systems such as an automatic headlamp dimmer. The sensor includes an enclosure containing a lens and a photo responsive detector. An optical chamber within the enclosure permits unwanted light from reaching the detector. A series of baffles wit ...

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A method for implanting an artificial sphincter to control urinary incontinence in a patient includes two implantation procedures and an intervening interval of testing and healing. The first procedure employs a trocar or laparoscope to insert and position an inflatable compression balloon 66 in the ...