Shiro Nankai, Mariko Kawaguri, Mayumi Ohtani, Takashi Iijima: Biosensor and a process for preparation thereof. Matsushita Electric Industrial, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, June 9, 1992: US05120420 (697 worldwide citation)

A biosensor of the invention comprises an insulating base board (1) having formed thereon, in sequence, leads (2, 3, 3'), an electrode system mainly made of carbon (4, 5, 5'), an insulating layer (6) and a reaction layer (14) composed of an enzyme and an electron acceptor, and being provided thereon ...


Gregory A McClelland, Gaylen M Zentner: Swelling modulated polymeric drug delivery device. Merck & Co, Donald J Perrella, Melvin Winokur, Joseph F DiPrima, June 9, 1992: US05120548 (387 worldwide citation)

A controlled release drug delivery device, comprised of swellable polymers, whose degree of swelling in an environment of use is controlled by swelling modulators blended within the polymers, is disclosed. The swelling modulators can include buffers, osmagents, surfactants or combinations thereof su ...


David T Green, Keith Ratcliff: Surgical stapler apparatus. United States Surgical Corporation, Thomas R Bremer, Peter G Dilworth, Rocco S Barrese, June 9, 1992: US05119983 (341 worldwide citation)

The end-to-end anastomosis apparatus is provided with a mounting means which can receive a trocar for making holes in tissue and, subsequently, an anvil shaft for the mounting of an anvil assembly for stapling purposes. The anvil shaft is provided with splines which cooperate with splines on a shell ...

S Scott Crump: Apparatus and method for creating three-dimensional objects. Stratasys, Moore & Hansen, June 9, 1992: US05121329 (305 worldwide citation)

Apparatus incorporating a movable dispensing head provided with a supply of material which solidifies at a predetermined temperature, and a base member, which are moved relative to each other along "X," "Y," and "Z" axes in a predetermined pattern to create three-dimensional objects by building up m ...

Seung Lyul Choi: Travelling monitoring system for motor vehicles. Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, June 9, 1992: US05121200 (275 worldwide citation)

A travelling monitoring system for motor vehicles on which a monitoring camera is mounted is disclosed herein. The system includes a monitoring part, a display part, and a part for protruding and hiding the camera. The camera is designed to be protected from the bad weather of snow or rain and the p ...

Mahlon D Dennis: Cutting composite formed of cemented carbide substrate and diamond layer. Diamant Boart Stratabit, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, June 9, 1992: US05120327 (238 worldwide citation)

A composite for cutting in subterranean formations comprises a cemented carbide substrate and a diamond layer adhered to a surface of the substrate. That surface includes a plurality of spaced apart ridges forming grooves therebetween. The diamond layer has a thickness greater than a depth of the gr ...

Shanfun Ching, Patricia Billing, Julian Gordon: Process for immunochromatography with colloidal particles. Abbott Laboratories, Thomas D Brainard, Daniel R Curry, June 9, 1992: US05120643 (211 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to improved specific binding assay methods, kits and devices utilizing chromatographically mobile specific binding reagents labelled with colloidal particles. Specific binding reagents labelled with colloidal particles such as gold and selenium may be subjected to rapid ...

Donald E Weder: Process for forming a paper, burlap or cloth flower pot cover. Highland Supply Corporation, Dunlap Codding & Lee, June 9, 1992: US05120382 (203 worldwide citation)

A method for making a flower pot cover by treating a sheet of material which is non-shape sustaining with a shape-sustaining wax capable of imparting dead fold characteristics and forming the treated sheet of material into a predetermined shape of a flower pot cover.

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