Daniel A Tracy: Progressive jackpot gaming system linking gaming machines with different hit frequencies and denominations. Mikohn, Robin Blecker Daley & Driscoll, May 26, 1992: US05116055 (733 worldwide citation)

A progressive gaming system in which the gaming machines linked to the system have different play characteristics, e.g. different Denominations and Hit Frequencies, and wherein the system is further adapted such that the dollars contributed to the progressive jackpot for a machine per win on that ma ...

Daniel J Capon, Laurence A Lasky: Hybrid immunoglobulins. Genentech, Ginger R Dreger, Carolyn R Adler, May 26, 1992: US05116964 (533 worldwide citation)

Immunoglobulin fusion polypeptides are provided, together with methods for making and using them, and nucleic acids encoding them. These polypeptides are useful as cell surface adhesion molecules and ligands, and are useful in therapeutic or diagnostic compositions and methods.

Patrick D McCarthy: Centralized consumer cash valve accumulation system for multiple merchants. Wood Herron & Evans, May 26, 1992: US05117355 (441 worldwide citation)

A centralized system of accumulating cash value for consumers based upon point-of-sale transactions with multiple merchants is disclosed wherein for each transaction, the consumer's account number (such as the Social Security number) and birthdate are transmitted to a central system along with data ...

Ernie Aranyi: Surgical fastener apparatus. United States Surgical Corporation, Thomas R Bremer, Peter G Dilworth, Rocco S Barrese, May 26, 1992: US05116349 (403 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for substantially simultaneously applying a plurality of two-part absorbable surgical fasteners to body tissue which includes biasing means to pivot the fastener holder into a final open position to release the body tissue. The biasing means is operable only after the fasteners have bee ...

Richard A Hillstead: Dilatation balloon within an elastic sleeve. Cordis Corporation, Henry W Collins, Thomas R Vigil, May 26, 1992: US05116318 (306 worldwide citation)

The stent placement dilation balloon assembly comprises a catheter having a distal end, a distal end portion, and a proximal end, a balloon mounted to, about, and around the distal end portion of the catheter which has at least one opening therein communicating with the interior of the balloon, and, ...

Mark A Eberbach: Hernia plug and introducer apparatus. Dominik Stein Saccocio Reese Colitz & Van Der Wall, May 26, 1992: US05116357 (292 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for the repair of hernias comprising a plug positionable in an opening in the abdominal wall; a patch positionable over weakened portions of the abdominal part adjacent to the opening, a central extent of the patch being coupled to the proximal end of the plug; and a resilient means cou ...

Leonard Pinchuk, John B Martin Jr, Bruce A Weber: Mesh composite graft. Corvita Corporation, Lockwood Alex FitzGibbon & Cummings, May 26, 1992: US05116360 (291 worldwide citation)

A mesh composite graft including an inner component, an outer component formed from strands of durable material, such as polyethylene terephthalate, and an intermediate component made from strands of bicompatible synthetic material having a melting point less than that of the durable material from w ...

Edward A Lottick: Electrocautery hemostat. Michael F Petock, May 26, 1992: US05116332 (288 worldwide citation)

Improved electrocautery instruments, particularly instruments better adapted for manufacture at lower costs, are disclosed including an electrocautery hemostat comprised of a hemostat provided with clam shell synthetic plastic handles with a switch incorporated therein. The mirror image plastic clam ...

Michael T Morman: Multi-direction stretch composite elastic material. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Karl V Sidor, May 26, 1992: US05116662 (257 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a composite elastic material capable of stretching in at least two directions. The material is disclosed as having at least one elastic sheet and at least one necked material joined to the elastic sheet at least at three locations arranged in a nonlinear configuration, ...