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The invention relates to a microchemical element, consisting of a substrate, a microstructure body, which is bonded to the substrate and can move partially with respect to it as a result of a temperature change and, for its part, is constructed from an electrically non-conductive and an electrically ...

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Disclosed is an ink-jet recording apparatus comprising an ink-jet head which includes a plurality of nozzle openings (4), a plurality of independent ejection chambers (6) respectively communicating with the nozzle openings (4), diaphragms (5) formed in the ejection chambers on at least one side wall ...


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A balloon device for implanting an aorta or aortodiiliac intraluminal prosthesis for repairing aneurysms utilizes a catheter (6) having two inflatable balloons (3,9) for expanding two stents (4,8) associated with the prosthesis.

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A laser radar apparatus for producing a pulse modulated transmitted light beam and receiving reflected light beams from road mounted retroreflectors. In the preferred embodiment, a floodlight beam illuminates a portion of a roadway from 20 to 150 in front of a vehicle. Reflected beams from retrorefl ...

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Thrombin inhibitors represented by the formula as provided wherein A(C=O)- is, inter alia, phenylglycyl, cyclohexylglycyl, cyclohexenylglycyl, thienylglycyl or naphthylglycyl, wherein the alpha -amino group is preferably substituted by alkyl e.g. methyl or an alkoxycarbonyl, cycloalkoxycarbonyl or a ...

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A processing device includes an imitation multiport memory circuit (10) interconnecting inputs and outputs of a group of functional units (F1,...FN), all operating under control of a single series of very long program instructions. The memory circuit (10) comprises a plurality of separate memory uni ...

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An apparatus and method for producing ethylene polymer are provided which employ a conduit means in the form of a closed loop (i.e. loop reactor) for receiving a flow of a monomer which includes ethylene, a polymerization catalyst and a diluent therethrough for the polymerization of the monomer to e ...

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Apparatus for producing carbonation flavoured drinks has a number of features. Water introduced to a water break from the mains supply holds a value open whilst the carbonation chamber is being filled. A concentrate supply includes a metering chamber into which concentrate flows under gravity and fr ...

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A laparoscopic cauterization electrode for connection to a source of appropriate electical power for performing deep surgical operations through an opening in a body such as thorax, perineal abdomen, rectum, or deep gynecological organs or similar body operations, comprising an electrically conducti ...