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A touch sensitive user interface (52) of the type having a display screen (62) for displaying an image; control logic responsive to the touch sensitive user interface for determining the contact position of a probe, such as a finger, thereon, a display menu of operating features, represented by a pl ...

Suzuki Hiroaki, Sugama Akio, Kojima Naomi: Oxygen electrode.. Fujitsu, March 25, 1992: EP0476980-A2 (134 worldwide citation)

A small oxygen electrode and a method of bonding a fluorine resin film are disclosed. This small oxygen electrode comprises a flat electrode substrate having at least two electrodes (a working electrode and a counter electrode) formed thereon, and a container substrate having dents formed to confron ...

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The invention relates to a device for placing styptic material, in particular of fibrous or spongy form, on perforated blood vessels, in particular arteries. A tube arrangement is provided which consists at least of a plug holder (2) and a thin-walled sheath (1) connected therewith which serves to g ...

Tanizawa Tetsu: Reference delay generator and electronic device using the same.. Fujitsu, March 25, 1992: EP0476585-A2 (66 worldwide citation)

A reference delay generator includes a delay unit (VCD) having a plurality of delay elements (E) which are cascaded and respectively have variable delay times. The delay unit receives a reference signal (ECK) and generates a delayed signal (DCK) which is a delayed version of the reference signal. A ...

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Vascular endothelial cell growth factor II is purified from the culture media used to maintain mammalian glioma cells. The protein is a heterodimer, stimulates mitogenesis of mammalian vascular endothelial cells and is useful for the promotion of vascular development and repair. This unique growth f ...

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Polyisobutylaminoalcohols, method for making them and internal combustion engine fuels or lubricants containing small amounts of these compounds of the formulae Ia and Ib in which R denotes a polyisobutyl radical having a molecular weight (number average) of 500 to 5000 and in both formulae in each ...

Lee Graham Stanley: Triggered aerosol inhaler.. Bespak, March 25, 1992: EP0476991-A1 (50 worldwide citation)

An inhaler for medical aerosols includes a flow sensor (32) in the form of a piston which is movable against a spring bias (35) in response to inhalation. Movement of the piston unseats a valve member (30) thus triggering the release of a pressurised dose through a nozzle (67). A uniform impedance t ...

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3-Amidopyrazoles of formula (I) or (I'): The invention also relates to a process for obtaining them and to the pharmaceutical compositions containing the said compounds as active principle.

Uemura Ryuzo, Nishide Toshikazu: Process for treating glass surface with water repellency.. Nissan Motor, March 25, 1992: EP0476510-A1 (44 worldwide citation)

Before the treatment of a glass plate with a water repellent, at least one transparent metal oxide film layer is formed on the surface of the glass plate and then rendered into fine unevenness. The thus water repellent treated glass is excellent in the environmental resistance, particularly weather ...

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A solid-state imaging apparatus includes a solid-state imaging device (11) having its charge accumulation time controllable by controlling the draining timing of accumulated charges, a level detecting device (15) for detecting an output level of the device (11), and a controlling device (18) for con ...