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A system comprising a disposable device and hand held reader can perform a variety of electrochemical measurements on blood or other fluids. In operation, a fluid sample is drawn into the disposable device through an orifice by capillary action. The orifice is sealed off and the disposable device is ...

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A method of resetting deflectable pixels of a spatial light modulator is disclosed. A pulse train of voltage is applied to the device to cause it to mobe from its deflected position.

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An improved pulsatile system for a cochlear prosthesis is disclosed. The system employs a multi-spectral peak coding strategy to extract a number, for example five, of spectral peaks from an incoming acoustic signal received by a microphone. It encodes this information into sequential pulses that ar ...

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The invention is a catalyst system including a Group IV B transition metal component and an alumoxane component which may be employed to polymerize olefins to produce a high molecular weight polymer.

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A micro machined micro pump capable of flow rates on the level of microliters per minute formed by micro machining of a semiconductor material such as silicon with a set of channels or passages and having a semiconductor membrane interacting with the pattern of channels and passages and under select ...

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A video camera for an automobile is mounted on the arm which carries a rear view mirror. The camera is directed forwardly to take pictures through the front windshield of an automobile and a boot is connected between the camera and the windshield to isolate the camera lens from moisture and dust. An ...

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Novel DNA-binding proteins, especially repressors of gene expression, are obtained by variegation of genes encoding known binding protein and selection for proteins binding the desired target DNA sequence. A novel selection vector is used to reduce artifacts. Heterooligimeric proteins which bind to ...

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A method and apparatus for determining integrated circuit layouts from a virtual circuit description and specification of a technology. Starting with high-level descriptions of a circuit, a virtual geometric description of the circuit is developed using a virtual grid described in terms of reference ...

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An optical motion sensor is provided for monitoring movement of a mechanical device, particularly such as an infusion pump of the type used for controlled delivery of medication to a patient. The motion sensor includes a disk member mounted upon a selected mechanical output component driven by the i ...

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At least two layers are fixed together at a distance so that a gap is present between them, wherein the layers are connected with one another by a plurality of discrete melt adhesive regions, intermediate spaces being present between the melt adhesive regions so that a liquid transport in the gap be ...