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Structures, methods of manufacturing and methods of use of electrically programmable read only memories (EPROM) and flash electrically erasable and programmable read only memories (EEPROM) include split channel and other cell configurations. An arrangement of elements and cooperative processes of ma ...

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A plurality of disparate communication network systems communicate with each other through the use of different physical media protocols. Each of the systems has at least one input and one output. A message routing system couples a transmitter at any one system input to a receiver at any other syste ...


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A holographic credit card that uses a matched optical filter to store in form of a hologram a unique identification such as a fingerprint of the authorized user, a source of coherent light that provides the illumination, and the input element in the approval device for providing the angle-invariance ...

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The present invention provides recombinant polynucleotides which encode glucose oxidase (GO). It also provides recombinant expression systems which produce, and when desired, secrete active GO and GO analogs into the extracellular medium.

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A six degrees of freedom interactive display controller device is disclosed, comprising a hand manipulable housing unit having an opening for the passage of a mouse ball, two motion detectors for detecting the movement of the mouse ball and converting that motion to output signals controlling the tr ...

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The present invention pertains to a fiducial implant for the human body that is detectable by an imaging system. The invention is comprised of a first portion and a second portion. The first portion is configured to be detected by an imaging system when place beneath the skin. The second portion is ...

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A system and method of evaluating the radio coverage of a geographic area serviced by a digital cellular radiotelephone communication system is described which comprises a plurality of base stations each having a transmitter and a receiver and a plurality of mobile units having co-located transmitte ...

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A biopsy forceps device includes a handle assembly having a handle portion and a hub portion. An elongated flexible hollow body portion preferably in the form of a coiled spring guide wire extends from the hub portion to a forceps assembly. A control wire extends through a lumen in the guide wire as ...

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Methods for scheduling sheets in an imaging system having an endless duplex paper path loop are disclosed. Preferably, the duplex loop includes a single sheet inverter without a buffer tray so as to eliminate the problems associated therewith. The basic method involves consecutively inserting copy s ...