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An electrochemical enzymatic sensor for the determination of substances, especially glucose, in body fluids, which has a good long-term stability, has the following features: - a sensor electrode composed of electrocatalytically inactive carbon - a counter electrode - a reference electrode - an enzy ...

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A method for measurement or detection of a component of an aqueous liquid sample, said method comprising: placing a sample, possibly containing the component of interest, into a reaction cell, said reaction cell comprising at least two electrodes having an imedance which renders them suitable for co ...

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A surgical kit is provided, for a urethropexy procedure, comprising at least one needle (comprising a cannula (17) and a trocar (18), a pair of implants (1) and a tray for supporting and packaging the needle(s) and implants. The kit is sterilizable. A procedure for urethropexy is disclosed which may ...

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The present invention relates to an intravascular embolizing agent containing an angiogenesis-inhibiting substance and an intravascular embolizing substance. The agent strengthens the antitumor effect of an angiogenesis-inhibiting substance and serves to reduce the dose and undesirable side effects. ...

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The charger has a timer 30 coupled to a display 32 to give an indication of the amount of charge added to the battery 24. The display may be calibrated to show the actual charge in mAH or may indicate the time for which the battery can be used in, eg., a mobile telephone. Operation of a switch P1 en ...

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An optical disc apparatus for recording, reproducing, or erasing an information signal by converging a light flux onto a recording layer through a transparent substrate comprises: an optical head (30) having a plurality of objective lenses (36, 46) whose aberrations have respectively been corrected ...

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A controller (10) for a game machine includes a flat shaped housing. A direction designating operator (12) is formed on the left side of upper surface of housing, and operation designating operator (13) is formed on the right side. An operation designating operator (14) is provided on a front side s ...

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The invention concerns compounds of the formula wherein R is C3-7 alkyl, C3-7 cycloalkyl, R is hydrogen, lower alkyl or a is 1-3; b is 1-3; c is 0-2; X, Y and Z are each independently, a bond, O, S or NH, with the proviso that if one of X or Y is O, S or NH, the other must be a bond; R is amino, low ...

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A prosthesis for insertion into a lumen to limit restenosis of the lumen. The prosthesis carries restenosis-limiting drugs which elute after the device is positioned in the lumen.

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Apparatus for power system communications includes a coupler at each of two or more locations along a pair of power-lines, the coupler having a pair of serial LC circuits with an air coil. A transmitter, a receiver, and a modem is also provided at each of the locations such that each of the serial L ...