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A system for and a method of providing an expandable home automation controller is disclosed which supports multiple numbers and multiple different types of data communications with both appliances and subsystems within the home as well as systems external to the home. The system is based upon a cen ...

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A robotic surgical system (10) includes a multiple degree of freedom manipulator arm (14) having a surgical tool (22). The arm is coupled to a controller (24) for controllably positioning the surgical tool within a three dimensional coordinate system. The system further includes a safety monitoring ...

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A fastener implanting device used to implant a head portion of a "T" or "H"-shaped fastener within a body. The device has a needle portion and a grip portion. The needle portion has a fastener receiving cavity selectively covered by a movable sleeve. The sleeve's translational movement is controlled ...

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A biopsy instrument comprises an elongated flexible tube having a sharpened metal sleeve affixed to its distal end. An anvil member is affixed to the distal end of an elongated rod or wire which fits through the lumen of the tube and which is reciprocally moveable in the longitudinal direction by ap ...

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A compound selected from the group consisting of a compound of the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are individually selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, alkyl and hydroxyalkyl of 1 to 5 carbon atoms and amino, n is an integer from 1 to 3, X and X.sub.1 are individually select ...

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A pigmented ink for ink jet printers which comprises an aqueous carrier medium, and pigment particles dispersed in an AB or BAB block copolymer having a hydrophilic segment and a segment that links to the pigment. The A block and the B block(s) have molecular weights of at least 300. These inks give ...

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An angiographic catheter is described with a valve covering the end-hole on the distal end. The valve will allow the catheter to be passed over a guidewire but will prevent an injected fluid (e.g., a contrast medium) from being discharged from the end hole. The valved-end catheter has side-holes nea ...

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A locking plate system has multiple locking pins, each with one end formed as a screw to lock in the pending fixation bones or vertebral tubercles, with another end defining rectangular or similarly shaped locking post having a threaded locking end. Near the locking post end, there is formed a stopp ...

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A biodegradable, biocompatible, resorbable infusion stent comprising a terpolymer of:

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Near-infrared quantitative analysis instruments and methods non-invasively measure blood glucose by analyzing near-infrared energy following interactance with venous or arterial blood, or transmisison through a blood containing body part. The instruments and methods are accurate and readily lend the ...