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A tournament system for electronic games in which scores achieved on the games are transmitted to one or a hierarchy of computers in which a winner is determined. At least one computer stores a player code associated with player credits. The players insert credit cards into the games which read the ...

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An electrochemical sensor electrode is formed from an electronic conductor coated with a casting solution containing a perfluorosulfonic acid ionomer and a selected enzyme. The selected enzyme catalyzes a reaction between a predetermined substance in a solution and oxygen to form an electrochemicall ...

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A method of creating a protocol for oil extraction or for enhancing oil extraction from oil reservoirs. A process of devising and applying a customized electromagnetic irradiation protocol to individual reservoirs. Reservoir samples are tested to determine their content, molecular resonance frequenc ...

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When information from input/output devices is requested by application software, a timer sets a predetermined sleep time period, and when the sleep time period expires, it is checked whether the information has been obtained. The sleep time period is suitably set in consideration of the response spe ...

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A method and apparatus for mechanical planarization and endpoint detection of a semiconductor wafer or the like. The apparatus includes a polishing head for rotating the wafer under a controlled pressure against a rotating polishing platen. The polishing head is mounted such that the wafer can be mo ...

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An in situ thermal system is disclosed for enhanced oil recovery and the like from a subterranean formation. The system pressurizes the formation with water whereupon the entire formation is heated to relatively high temperatures in the absence of gas formation to significantly decrease the viscosit ...

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A glucose sensor in which a gel is in contact with a pH sensing element. The gel contains immobilized glucose oxidase and gluconolactonase (EC Gluconolactonase is present in an amount effective to accelerate the hydrolysis of D-glucono-.delta.-lactone.


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A variable speed wind turbine is disclosed comprising a turbine rotor that drives an AC induction generator, a power converter that converts the generator output to fixed-frequency AC power, a generator controller, and an inverter controller. The generator controller uses field orientation to regula ...

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An oligo- or polynucleotide having at least one biotin directly or indirectly attached to each of the 5' and 3' end nucleotides thereof and a nucleic acid hybridization assay system for use therewith. The biotins are optionally attached through linkage groups that do not interfere with hybridization ...