Reichert Uwe, Schmidt Rainer, Shroot Braham: (Fr) Composition pharmaceutique ou cosmetique contenant en association un retinoide et un sterol, (En) Pharmaceutical or cosmetic composition containing a combination of a retinoid and a sterol. Centre International de Recherches Dermatologiques Galderma, Reichert Uwe, Schmidt Rainer, Shroot Braham, TONNELLIER Jean Claude, January 9, 1992: WO/1992/000076 (64 worldwide citation)

(EN) A pharmaceutical or cosmetic composition containing a combination of a retinoid and a cholesterol biosynthesis inhibitor sterol. This combination allows a synergic effect to be obtained, particularly in the treatment of epidermal keratinization disorders, epidermal proliferation disorders and/o ...

Lam Kit Sang, Salmon Sydney E, Hruby Victor J, Hersh Evan M, Al Obeidi Fahad: Random bio-oligomer library, a method of synthesis thereof, and a method of use thereof. Bioligand, MISROCK S Leslie, January 9, 1992: WO/1992/000091 (44 worldwide citation)

The instant invention provides a library of bio-oligomers of defined size and known composition, in which the library contains all of the possible sequences of the bio-oligomers, and a method of synthesis thereof. The bio-oligomers of the library may be peptides, nucleic acids, or a combination of t ...

Felix Arthur Martin, Heimer Edgar Philip: Histidine substituted growth hormone releasing factor analogs. Hoffmann La Roche, GOULD George M, January 9, 1992: WO/1992/000095 (36 worldwide citation)

Novel growth hormone releasing factor analogs are presented having formula (I), wherein R¿1? is His, 3-MeHis, desNH¿2?His, Tyr, or desNH¿2?Tyr; R¿2? is Val, Leu, or Ile; R¿3? is Ala; R¿4? is Met, Leu, Ile, or Nle; R¿5? is Ser or Asn; R¿6? is an amino acid residue sequence selected from Arg-Gln-Gln-G ...

Haugstad Jahn: Bale wrapper apparatus. Kverneland Underhaug, Orr William Mclean, Haugstad Jahn, ORR William McLean, January 9, 1992: WO/1992/000003 (23 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a bale wrapper apparatus (10) which comprises a main frame (12), a turntable (15) mounted on frame (12) and which can rotate about a vertical axis (16), a pair of laterally spaced rollers (17) mounted on the turntable (15) and arranged to receive a bale (11) and to rotate the bale ...

Aasted Lars: Chocolate tempering machine. Aasted Mikroverk Aps, Aasted Lars, CHAS HUDE, January 9, 1992: WO/1992/000015 (16 worldwide citation)

Chocolate tempering machine (1) comprising a cooling zone (2) followed by a heating zone (3). The zones (2, 3) include a number of separate processing sections (4, 5), through which the chocolate mass passes while subjected to stirring wings (6, 7). The stirring wings (7) of the heating zone (3) as ...

Wienken August: (De) Fallschacht zur verteilung von rieselfähigem schüttgut, insbesondere futtermittel, auf fütterungsbahnen einer käfigbatterie für nutztiere, (En) Drop-shaft for the distribution of fluid loose material, especially fodder, onto fodder channels of a cage battery for livestock. Big Dutchman, JABBUSCH Wolfgang, January 9, 1992: WO/1992/000006 (16 worldwide citation)

(EN) A drop-shaft (1) is used to distribute fluid loose material, especially fodder, on at least one and preferably several superimposed fodder channels (6) fitted with a supply system of a single, but preferably multi-level, cage battery for livestock, especially poultry. The drop-shaft (1) has an ...

Weder Donald E: Antimicrobial material and methods. Highland Supply Corporation, BERG Richard P, January 9, 1992: WO/1992/000009 (13 worldwide citation)

Treating an article with an agent capable of inhibiting the growth of bacteria and/or fungus in an item susceptible to decay due to growth of bacteria and/or fungus. The article either at least partially is wrapped about or receives therein at least a portion of the item. Some examples of articles a ...

Somani Asit, Booles Clive: Compositions daerosol sous pression, Pressurized hydrofluorocarbon aerosol compositions. Fisons, Fisons, RIDOUT & MAYBEE, January 9, 1992: CA2085884 (12 worldwide citation)

There are disclosed pressurised aerosol compositions comprising a medicament, a hydrofluorocarbon propellant and a po-lyethoxylated surfactant, the compositions containing substantially no solvent, other than the propellant, capable of increasingthe solubility of the surfactant in the propellant. Th ...

Randall Keith Johnson: Method of treating human prostatic adenocarcinoma. Smithkline Beecham Corporation, DUSTMAN Wayne J, January 9, 1992: WO/1992/000010 (12 worldwide citation)

Invented is a method of treating human prostatic adenocarcinoma by employing a steroid 5-$g(a)-reductase inhibiting compound or a combination of steroid 5-$g(a)-reductase inhibiting compounds.

Djuric Stevan Wakefield, Docter Stephen Hermann, Yu Stella Siu Tzyy: Leukotriene b¿4? antagonists. Gd Searle & Co, Djuric Stevan Wakefield, Docter Stephen Hermann, Yu Stella Siu Tzyy, sWILLIAMS Roger A, January 9, 1992: WO/1992/000011 (11 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to compounds of formula (I) and the stereoisomers and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein R is alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, or cycloalkylalkyl; R?1¿ is alkyl; R?2¿ is hydrogen or alkyl; R?6¿ is alkyl; n is 1 to 5; p is 0 to 6; x is 0 or 2; and R?4¿ and R?5¿ are inde ...