Yik S Kwoh: Imaging device - aided robotic stereotaxis system. Lyon & Lyon, January 7, 1992: US05078140 (584 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for computer controlled stereotactic surgery is disclosed. This method utilizes an imaging device, a robotic arm and a means for controlling the robotic arm. Stereotactic surgery on integral body parts, e.g. the brain, spine, knee or other joint, breast, etc. may be accomplis ...

John O Hayhurst: Suture clip. Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh & Whinston, January 7, 1992: US05078731 (462 worldwide citation)

Eliminates the need for tying knots in sutures. The clip (20) is slidable in an open position along sutures (12) that extend from a suturing site. With the clip (20) at the suturing site, the sutures (12) are tensed and the clip is forced into a closed position that fixes the position of the clip (2 ...

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A RF ablation catheter for removing athero-stenotic lesions or modifying the tissue characteristics of the interior walls of selected blood vessels is described. The catheter has a distal tip member which is disposed in a working relation with the lesion to be removed during the initial placement of ...

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An intraluminal stent for maintaining patency in body passages subject to invasive tissue growth includes a cylindrical wall having radial passages therethrough. A mechanism is provided for disrupting cellular growth which penetrates through the passages. The mechanism may provide for mechanical dis ...

Jeffry W Kreamer: Graft stent and method of repairing blood vessels. Kent A Herink, January 7, 1992: US05078726 (395 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for repairing a weakened section of a vessel. A pair of expandable stents are placed at either end inside a prosthetic graft of a length sufficient to span the weakened section. The graft and stents are inserted into the vessel. The stents are positioned on either side of the ...

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A programmable infusion system includes a disposable IV tubing apparatus for conveying intravenous fluid from a source to a patient. A compact, portable case has a receptacle for removably receiving a segment of the disposable apparatus. A peristaltic pump is mounted in the case for engaging the seg ...

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A light modulation device with matrix addressing including a matrix of cells. Each cell has two flaps fixed to a substrate by flexible attachments, a control electrode, a row electrode and a maintenance electrode. The flaps can adopt two stable positions through the application of suitable voltages ...

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A video display system which can receive and display a number of different video signals having different formats utilizing a processor extract the image from a stream of digital signals to produce a digitized image to be displayed by a digital spatial light modulator.

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The present invention relates to surgical instruments for removing protruding tissue such as tonsils, warts, polyps and like, from the body, more specifically, it relates to loop type snare instruments supplying a high frequency electrical current for coagulation and cutting during the removal of th ...

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A method for diagnosis and/or training of proprioceptor feedback capabilities of a muscle and joint system of a human patient using an exercise system having a patient attachment device and an arrangement for controlling parameters of an exercise movement in response to a control signal derived from ...