John L Rourke, Peter D Wing, Jack F Ratcliffe II, Paul J Valliere: Security system for electronic printing systems. Xerox Corporation, Fredrick E McMullen, December 31, 1991: US05077795 (86 worldwide citation)

An electronic printing system with a security system for protecting the security of a user's files and programs through the intermediary of a user profile for each user administered to by a Security administrator at the site or from a remote site.

Brian Skillicorn, David C Reynolds, Richard S Burrow: Hand held high power pulsed precision x-ray source. Kevex X ray, David B Harrison, December 31, 1991: US05077771 (85 worldwide citation)

A pulsed precision x-ray source includes a miniaturized internally self-shielding x-ray tube and an integral generator contained in a hand-held housing for generating timed bursts of x-ray having regulated energy level. A control grid and focus electrode within the tube enable precise on-off control ...

Gary L Loomis, George J Ostapchenko: Polyhydroxy acid films. E I Du Pont de Nemours and Company, Michael K Boyer, Charles E Krukiel, December 31, 1991: US05076983 (83 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a process for producing degradable, shrinkable films of polyhydroxy acid and plasticizers including melt processing the materials to obtain uniform composition, forming the composition into a film, and biaxially orienting the film. Also, non-shrinkable films are prod ...

Bozidar Ferek Petric: Autocontrollable pacemaker with alarm. Telectronics Pacing Systems, Gottlieb Rackman & Reisman, December 31, 1991: US05076272 (83 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for administering electrotherapy, such as a pacemaker, having an alarm system including a relatively small alarm electrode affixed to the external surface of a non-conductive portion of the case of the apparatus, such as the neck. The apparatus, is implanted with the alarm electrode in ...

Anthony B Waldroup: RF channel expansion in a trunked radio communications system. General Electric Company, Nixon & Vanderhye, December 31, 1991: US05077828 (82 worldwide citation)

In a trunked radio frequency communications system, an arrangement dynamically "expands" or extends the frequency allocation table stored within the "personality" defining non-volatile storage device of transceivers to include additional RF channels. A channel configuration control message specifyin ...

Kyung H Moh, Harold G Sowman, Thomas E Wood: Sol gel-derived ceramic bubbles. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Gary L Griswold, Walter N Kirn, Lorraine R Sherman, December 31, 1991: US05077241 (80 worldwide citation)

Discrete, free-flowing, ceramic microbubbles consist essentially of at least one of a non-oxide component and an oxide component having diameters in the range of 1 to 300 micrometers and each having a wall thickness of less than 10 percent of the diameter of the bubble. In the process of the inventi ...

Joseph C Cook, Bill D Lavoie: System and method for processing telephone communication. Taro, Browning Bushman Anderson & Brookhart, December 31, 1991: US05077788 (78 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are a system and method for processing telephone calls for special services, such as emergency service calls. One or more answering station units may receive calls through a telephone network. The number of the calling station is automatically identified and used to seek calling station lo ...

Milton L Patrick, Lilee S Gelinas, Carla L Hansen, Patti Boman: Sharps container. Voluntary Hospitals of America, Kirkland & Ellis, December 31, 1991: US05076429 (77 worldwide citation)

There is provided a sharps container comprising a receptacle and a lid engaging the receptacle, the lid including a rotatable tray and a baffle flap for sealing the receptacle when the tray is in an open position. The tray is biassed toward the open position by the force of gravity, and one or more ...

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An inflator (10) comprising: a pressure tank (12, 14, 16, 20) for storing a quantity of stored inflation gas under pressure. The pressure tank comprising a first burst disk (46) in communication with the stored inflation gas; a sliding piston (72) including at one end thereof a sharp edge (74) for p ...

Jean Blaise Migozzi: Optical device enabling the introduction of a collimated image in an observers field of vision. Thomson-CSF, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt, December 31, 1991: US05076664 (77 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an optical device designed to enable an observer to look simultaneously at what is normally in his field of vision and at a colllimated image introduced so as to be superimposed on his field of vision, by total reflections in a strip with parallel faces forming an optical guide. This in ...