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Methods for encapsulating ionizable antineoplastic agents in liposomes using transmembrane potentials are provided. Trapping efficiencies approaching 100% and rapid loading are readily achieved. Dehydration protocols which allow liposomes to be conveniently used in the administration of antineoplast ...

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Stable and ready to use liquid reagent for determining the glucose content in blood, comprising a glucose-oxidase free from catalase and a nonionic surface-active agent, such as, for example, the polyoxyethylene derivatives, hydroxypolyethylene ethoxydodecane, the lauryl ether of polyoxyethylene-gly ...

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Disclosed herein an electroluminescent device for converting an energy of an electric field applied directly to a light energy and capable of producing surface luminescent for a large area different from conventional incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps or light emitting diodes.

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A cardiac pacing lead for endocardial use, having a pacing electrode which takes the form of a tapered, conical helix extending from the distal end of the lead. The helix is used to attach the distal end of the lead to heart tissues. The tapered shape of the helix facilitates passage of the lead thr ...

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A video effects system comprises a graphics generator for generating a three-dimensional image in simulated real time, a digital video effects device for generating a second image and transforming the second image in real time, and a depth combiner for combining the three-dimensional image with the ...

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A helicopter programmable collective control system includes a motorized collective control stick 2 used in conjunction with a multi-axis control stick 30, with the multi-axis control stick 30 as the default collective controller. A collective control signal processor reads collective input the pilo ...

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A stable microemulsion cleaning composition is described, which, in the absence of opacifying component, appears clear to the eye, and which is especially useful for cleaning surfaces having oily or greasy soils thereon, which comprises synthetic organic detergent, water, co-surfactant of the descri ...

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A refrigeration system incorporating a scroll type compressor is disclosed which includes an injection system for injecting liquid refrigerant into the suction inlet opening of the compressor in response to excessive discharge gas temperature. A temperature sensor assembly is located within a well f ...

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Active agents such as proteins are covalently immobilized on substrates carrying hydroxyl groups. A silane is bound to the substrate and coupled to a heterobifunctional crosslinker at one functional group leaving a free functional group, different than the first group, to which a protein is bound wh ...

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A carbonaceous heat source for a smoking article is provided. The heat source is designed to maximize heat transfer to a flavor bed in the smoking article. The heat source undergoes substantially complete combustion leaving minimal residual ash, has a relatively low degree of thermal conductivity an ...