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A cellular communications system is provided having both surface and satellite nodes which are fully integrated for providing service over large areas. A spread spectrum system is used with code division multiple access (CDMA) employing forward error correction coding (FECC) to enhance the effective ...

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A laminate, electro-optic rearview mirror assembly is disclosed which is protected against scattering fragments while reducing risk of laceration if broken/damaged, against ultraviolet (UV) radiation degradation, and against fogging or misting in high humidity conditions.

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A formulation is described for systemic delivery and controlled release of a trophic factor. The formulation comprises a glycolipid carrier component which delivers trophic factor, such as nerve growth factor, to a target organ. The glycolipid carrier protects the trophic factor from degradation by ...


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An apparatus and method for forming a sheet of material into a flower pot or flower pot cover comprising means for engaging portions of the sheet of material and forming pleats in predetermined portions of the sheet of material having a predetermined shape whereby the formed flower pot or flower pot ...

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An apparatus for the protection of signal copy for preventing unauthorized copying of music software such as records, compact discs and music tape by recording is arranged such that when recording audio signals on a medium, certain supplemental information is added to the audio signal to be recorded ...

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A coupling bushing 1 for optical fiber connectors comprises a first half structure 1A comprising a base 14 having an axial bore 16 and a socket 15 extending from tlhe rear 21 of the base 14. The socket 15 has a bore 16 axially aligned with the bore of the base 14 to form an extension thereof. The so ...

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An end connector is disclosed for cables, particularly coaxial cables of the type employed in the cable television industry. The crimping sleeve of the connector has external ribs and internal serrations designed to accommodate a wide range of cable sizes in a manner which insures a reliable electri ...

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A fusion protein is disclosed which comprises GM-CSF and IL-3. Such fusion proteins more biologically active than GM-CSF or IL-3 alone or GM-CSF and IL-3 combined.

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A method and an apparatus for measuring the concentration values of constituents of urine collected in a toilet bowl. A conduit extends from the urine-collecting portion of the bowl to a concentration-measuring device. A gas injector is mounted beside the conduit to intermittently inject gas into th ...