A Mateen Ahmed: Medical valve. Plante Strauss Vanderburgh & Connors, December 10, 1991: US05071408 (122 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a medical valve comprising a pair of plates holding in tension a membrane folded over to form a chamber with an elongated, slit-like opening along adjoining edges. The plates include interlocking members which interlock the plates together. An inlet tube in communication with the chambe ...

Fariba Fischel Ghodsian: Device for controlled release of vapors and scents. Poms Smith Lande & Rose, December 10, 1991: US05071704 (121 worldwide citation)

A controlled release device useful for the release of vapors or liquids is described. The device is a multilayered laminate consisting of a reservoir layer which incorporates an active compound, such as a perfume or fragrance or insect repellant, an impermeable membrane layer adjacent the reservoir ...

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An automated method and system to determine a number of parameters related to the size and shape of the heart as well as parameters related to the lungs from data derived from digital chest radiographs. A cardiac rectangle enclosing the heart and portions of the surrounding lung tissue is determined ...

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A prosthetic knee with a tibial prothesis comprising a baseplate and an articulating surface which pivots on the baseplate about an axis within a medial condylar compartment.

G David Jang: Limacon geometry balloon angioplasty catheter systems. Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, December 10, 1991: US05071406 (118 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an angioplasty catheter comprising a catheter shaft having a distal end and at least one, and preferably two, angioplasty balloons on the distal end of the catheter shaft, wherein the distal end of the catheter and the balloons are formed from a single monolithic piece of polymer materi ...

Sidney P Todd: Multiple clock rate teleconferencing network. Harris Corporation, Evenson Wands Edwards Lenahan & McKeown, December 10, 1991: US05072442 (117 worldwide citation)

A hub-resident data switching apparatus for a multinode teleconferencing network enables plural node sites, operating at differing clock rates, to communicate with each other asynchronously and simultaneously. The switching apparatus includes an internal TDM bus to which plural node interface units, ...

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A very fine line three-dimensional package is constructed without lamination during construction of the signal core. Construction of the signal core employs a method of line and hole formation and planarization without drilling, and avoids imposing excessive stress on the package during its assembly ...

Solomon Rosenblatt: Polymeric broad-spectrum antimicrobial materials. Merocel Corporation, Ostrolenk Faber Gerb & Soffen, December 10, 1991: US05071648 (114 worldwide citation)

A sustained and controlled release form of iodine is achieved by a complex of polyvinyl alcohol and the iodine characterized by a low water solubility. The polyvinyl alcohol may be reacted to form hydroxylated polyvinyl acetal sponge and the sponge is topically applied as an antimicrobial agent whic ...

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A testing method of a logic circuit which can change test data in a testing apparatus and an apparatus which is used for the testing method are disclosed. The logic circuit testing apparatus having a first storage to store test data including a plurality of test patterns and a second storage to stor ...

Ralph E Green Jr, Ronald H Jones, Leland J Peters, Peter J Withol: Dental implant system. Collagen Corporation, Thomas E Ciotti, December 10, 1991: US05071351 (110 worldwide citation)

The dental implant system of the present invention has a decreased surface contact angle and includes a biocompatible titanium implant which has been treated by the plasma cleaning and sterilization process of the present invention.