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A device for matching acoustic impedance between an ultrasonic transducer (21) and a medium is disclosed. The device includes a body (20) comprising a material having a high acoustic impedance on an ultrasonic signal. The body contains a plurality of acoustic impedance matching horns (23) extending ...

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Drain for an antrum, comprising a flexible catheter (11), to be applied with a first end thereof in said antrum and with a second end thereof available externally of said antrum, a device for applying said drain, and a method for applying said drain. One end section of said catheter (11) is connecte ...

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A personnel fall-arrest system comprising a flexible safety track (1) which is anchored in spaced relation to a fixture (2) bytrack anchors (4), and a coupling component (7) for connecting a worker's safety harness to said track via a safety line (8), saidcomponent (7) being freely displaceable alon ...

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A DNA construct is provided comprising DNA encoding a mature BMP-2 upstream of which is DNA encoding a precursor portion of a mammalian protein other than the BMP-2. Also provided are mammalian expression vectors and hosts containing such a DNA construct and methods for improved expression using suc ...

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The present invention relates to the use of combinations of antibody therapy and chemotherapy in the treatment of malignant disease. It is based in part, on observation so if the surprising effectiveness of combination therapy; several patients who had received the anti-tumor antibody L6 or MG21 ach ...

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The invention relates to vaccine compositions capable of blocking cytotoxic activity, particularly cytotoxic activity, with regard to lymphocytes and/or nerve cells, exhibited by retroviral regulatory proteins having basic regions, said composition possibly being capable of also blocking retroviral ...

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A composition for either odor or waste mitigation is disclosed. For deodorizing liquid containing waste receptacles the invention comprises an odor neutralizing compound adsorbed on a particulate substrate. The buoyancy of the substrate is such that the surface area of said substrate particles proje ...

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An insulation for a cold pipe (1) comprising an inner water absorbing layer (2) which, through a slot (4) in a surrounding tubular insulation (3), extends out through the slot in the tubular insulation and covers at least part of the external surface of the heat insulating layer.

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An electrodermatome comprises a casing (1) with a cap (4), a dismountable electric drive (2) mounted in the casing (1), a disk knife (6) mounted coaxially to the casing (1) and provided with an annular groove (20) located on the surface of the knife (6) opposite to a movable supporting ring (21), th ...

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(EN) In the case of telefax, coding was carried until now on the basis of the run length principle, i.e. all image points of the same colour are digitally sensed until a change occurs and coded according to the MHC process. The transmission is then carried out on the basis of the phase difference or ...