Dale R Schulze, Jon A Sherman, W Michael Mereness: Surgical stapler with locking means. Ethicon, Jason Lipow, November 19, 1991: US05065929 (779 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an improved two-piece surgical stapler having first and second mated pieces, and including a first and a second locking means that insure that the two pieces are mated when staples are being ejected.

Niall R Lynam, Richard J Gahan: Perimeter coated, electro-optic mirror. Donnelly Corporation, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, November 19, 1991: US05066112 (368 worldwide citation)

An electro-optic mirror of the type having an electro-optic cell or medium with a transmittance which is variable upon the application of an electric field includes a perimeter coating applied to a front or rear surface of a substrate element for concealing any seal and/or electrical connections for ...

Cornelis F H Van Egmond: Subterranean heaters. Shell Oil Company, November 19, 1991: US05065818 (281 worldwide citation)

An electrical resistance subterranean heater is provided which is cemented directly in a well borehole without a casing in the borehole within the zone to be heated. The absence of the casing results in an economical installation.

Jose C Deniega, Stephen J Failla: Safety trocar. Ethicon, Paul A Coletti, W Brinton Yorks Jr, November 19, 1991: US05066288 (254 worldwide citation)

A safety trocar is provided which includes a spring-loaded shield that shields the cutting tip of the obturator after the obturator penetrates tissue. The distal end of the shield is hemispheric in profile and contains a slot which conforms to the geometry of the cutting tip. The rounded distal end ...

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Method and apparatus for performing system monitoring and diagnostics is disclosed. In performing system monitoring, data is acquired from the system under test and compared to an event model. The event model comprises a database having event records which pre-define events which can occur. Each eve ...

Johannes M Broeksteeg: Impedance matched backplane connector. AMP Incorporated, Eric J Groen, November 19, 1991: US05066236 (229 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector is shown which is mountable to a printed circuit board (230) which includes a plurality of insulating housings (4). The vertical row of terminals is formed as a subassembly (60) where the terminals (72-75) are integrally molded within an insert 82 of dielectric material. The ...

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A method and apparatus for verification of personnel identity by correlation of fingerprint images. The method includes the steps of: first enrolling a person by the steps of forming a reference image of a fingerprint of the person, identifying a plurality of reference sections within the reference ...

Robert G Wiley: Variable focus lens. Marshall & Melhorn, November 19, 1991: US05066301 (224 worldwide citation)

A variable focus lens apparatus includes a transparent, generally circular envelope, a transparent gel having a relatively high resistance to flow encased in the envelope, and a plurality of light refractive particles suspended in a predetermined orientation in the gel. When an external force field ...

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An improved blood analyzing device is disclosed for measuring the hematocrit and oxygen saturation levels of a quantity of blood. The device comprises a housing having a carriage assembly electrically interfaced thereto. Disposed within the carriage assembly is a light emitting means and a plurality ...

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A portable electronic navigation apparatus and method utilizes universal latitude and longitude coordinates of geographic points and landmarks for determining current location or a specific destination and the distance and bearing thereof relative to landmark data input by the user. Latitude and lon ...