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A body implantable stent consists of two or more generally tubular, coaxial and slidably connected stent segments. Each of the stent segments is of open weave construction, formed of multiple braided, helically wound strands of resilient material. The stent is elastically deformed to a reduced radiu ...

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A monocyclopentadienyl or substituted monocyclopentadienyl metal complex containing compound useful as a polymerization catalyst corresponding to the formula:

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A needleless injection device has a housing containing a pilot valve connectable to a compressed gas source. A main valve is operatively connected to the pilot valve. The pilot valve and main valve form a two-stage valve with the pilot valve activatable to open the main valve utilizing gas pressure. ...

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A hospital computerized system includes a terminal in all departments of the hospital for entering information pertinent to a patient's stay in the hospital. The initial information entered, as a part of the admitting procedure, includes the patient's history and admitting physician's physical exami ...

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A directional drilling downhole steering and survey tool for detecting ferromagnetic bodies from an off vertical borehole, transmitting the signals from the downhole sensors to surface equipment while drilling, and for calculation of the range and direction to the detected ferromagnetic body for the ...

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An annuloplasty ring of a tubular construction having two drawstrings, the ends of which extend from openings in the tube. The ring tube is stitched through the mid-section, defining two channels, the inner of which carries the drawstrings, and outer of which is used as a sewing flange for suturing ...

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A method and apparatus for granting selected access to material such as data and databases, messages and other textual information, graphs, tables, maps, facsimiles (FAX) of all manner of transmitted materials, audio such as speech and music, video, images, and photographs, provided on storage media ...

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The invention concerns an ultrasonic atomizer (10), which is intended for an inhalation treatment apparatus for persons suffering from respiratory diseases. The ultrasonic atomizer (10) comprises an atomizer device (11) provided with a drug container (12) as well as an ultrasonic oscillator (13) con ...

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A variable reflectivity automobile mirror assembly is operable by automatic electrical circuitry responsive to variations of incident light upon the mirror and ambient light level about the automobile to provide positions of high and low reflectivity. The assembly also includes a support member or h ...

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Method and apparatus of accessing and displaying hierarachical files on an electronic workstation screen that includes: (1) an Open Next-To operation that opens a separate window for a file to prevent the window from which the file was originally opened from being obscured, (2) a combination of both ...