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An electrostatically deflectable beam spatial light modulator with the beams (30), address electrodes (42, 46), and landing electrodes (40, 41) to provide soft-landing of the beams on the landing electrodes (40, 41) which gives uniform large-angle deflection plus high reliability.

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An instrument and methods of making and use for sealing a small, e.g., percutaneous, incisions or punctures. The instrument in the form of a tubular member having a plug therein. The tubular member includes a proximally located piston and a distally located portion having an open free end for introd ...

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A resilient, elastic self-expanding prosthesis comprising a flexible tubular body, the diameter of which is variable under axial movement of the ends of the body relative to each other, said body being composed of several individual rigid but resiliently flexible thread elements with spring properti ...

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Apparatus for introduction into the vessel of a patient comprising a guiding catheter adapted to be inserted into the vessel of the patient and a device adapted to be inserted into the guiding catheter. The device includes a flexible elongate member and a sleeve carried by the flexible elongate memb ...

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An internal junction organic electroluminescent device is disclosed comprising in sequence, an anode, an organic hold injecting and transporting zone, an organic electron injecting and transporting zone, and a cathode. The hole injecting and transporting zone includes a tertiary amine containing at ...

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A support for a natural heart valve is disclosed. The support is generally ring shaped and has a size and shape to fit against the natural heart valve annulus. First length of the support is flexible, and a second length of the support is less flexible than the first length of the support. According ...

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An article is provided in which a flavor generating medium is electrically heated to evolve inhalable flavors or other components in vapor or aerosol form. The article has a plurality of charges of the flavor generating medium which are heated sequentially to provide individual puffs.

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A method of producing an integral piece of thermo-sensitive material, which is responsive to a shift in temperature from below to above a phase transformation temperature range to alter the material's condition to a shape-memory condition and move from one position to another. The method is characte ...

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Composition for the oxidative dyeing of hair based on a combination of developer substances and coupler substances contains, as developer substance, a diaminopyrazol of the general formula (I), ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1, R.sup.2 and R.sup.4 are identical or different and designate hydrogen, alkyl wit ...

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Human hematopoietic stem cells are provided by separation of the stem cells from dedicated cells. The stem cells may than be maintained by regeneration in an appropriate growth medium. Means are provided for assaying for the stem cells as to their capability for producing members of each of the hema ...