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For application to the skin (12, 14) of a person or an animal for the detection of chemical components of tissue fluid, a fluid sensor (10) comprises a substrate (16) or a porous material for the passage of the interstitial fluid therethrough. At least two electrodes (18a, 18b) are provided. At leas ...

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A method for use in a multimedia conferencing arrangement to control multiple concurrent calls where each call comprises one or more channels. A first call among a first set of user stations and a second call among a second set of user stations are merged into a single call comprising a plurality of ...

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A flow pressure sensing control valve system is disclosed for use with blowout preventers having an operator cylinder and piston for closing of the blowout preventer, wherein the operator cylinder and piston have a closing side and an opening side and wherein the closing side has a greater effective ...

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Diagnostic equipment more particularly to indentify faults in refrigeration equipment is described. The equipment comprises a diagnostic sensor unit (10) including a microprocessor module (21) comprising a microprocessor (22), a ROM (23), a RAM (24), an EEPROM (25), a system clock (26), an analogue ...

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Methods of gene delivery to cells in the central nervous system are disclosed by introducing and expressing gene sequences mediated by herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) vectors with a mutation in a gene for viral replication.

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The present invention provides an ethylene copolymer comprising constituent units (a) derived from ethylene and constituent units (b) derived from an alpha -olefin having 3 to 20 carbon atoms, the ethylene copolymer being characterized in that (A) the ethylene copolymer has a density (d) of 0.86 to ...

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According to the invention there is now available a method for manufacturing of a cemented carbide body for cutting tools, rock drilling tools or wear parts with complicated geometry characterized in that the body is sintered together from simpler parts to a body with desired complex geometry.

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A dual lumen catheter (100) is disclosed for providing extracorporeal treatment such as hemodialysis, which is percutaneously inserted for either short-term or long-term vascular access. The catheter includes a main body (101) having proximal and distal segments connected to a pair of clamping limbs ...

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A "Fruit" machine includes a hold feature which allows all the reels to be rotated during the next game. Controllable buttons 11-13 are provided for displaying at areas 7, 8, 9 a representation of one or more of the symbols displayed on the reels 4-6 at the end of a game and to hold the symbol(s) du ...

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The present invention relates to an alpha-olefin prepolymer catalytically active in an alpha-olefin (co-)polymerization comprising a transition metal, an organometallic compound and an antistatic agent. The prepolymer can be prepared by contacting the antistatic agent with a catalyst comprising the ...