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A power control system for a cellular mobile telephone system in which system users communicate information signals between one another via at least one cell site using code division multiple access spread spectrum communication signals. The power control system controls transmission signal power fo ...

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A system for determining a location of a selected vehicle from which an alarm signal is generated which includes a fixed array of cellular sites each site having a wireless signal detecting and generating units each of which is capable of receiving an input alarm signal having a signal strength whic ...

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An ultrasonic imaging catheter comprises a catheter body having a distal end and a proximal end. An ultrasonic imaging transducer is located within the distal end and is arranged to produce an image in an image plane which is generally normal to the axial direction of the catheter. An ultrasonically ...

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The invention is a polymerization catalyst system including an alumoxane and a Group IV B metallocene having a heteroatom ligand. The catalyst system can be employed to polymerize olefins to produce a high molecular weight polymer.

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An electrode comprising: metallic electrode material; and a nonporous solid composite material encapsulating the electrode material, the composite material comprising an inert matrix material having hydrogel substantially uniformly dispersed therein, the hydrogel comprising 10% to approximately 50% ...

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A device that pierces the skin due to the collapsing of dome between the fingertips. Immediately after a puncture is made, a blood or exudate sample can be collected on an absorbent test strip laminated on the pressure plate. Flow enhancement of blood or exudate from the puncture site is achieved by ...

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Recovery of viscous petroleum such as from tar sands is assisted using a controlled flow of hot fluid and hydrogen-containing gas in a flow path within the formation; thus a solid-wall hollow tubular member in the formation is used for conducting hot fluid to promote hydrogenation in conjunction wit ...